Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

Homemade Gifts for Father’s Day!

Although I’ve offered many suggestions for Father’s Day gifts, if your children would like to create something special for dad, here are a few easy ideas!

Custom Made Snack Mix

Mixing up a batch of snack mix will get kids thinking about dad’s personality and keep them busy in the kitchen!  Here are some possible ingredients, but feel free to come up with your own combinations:

  1. Gummy Bears – because dad’s a teddy bear at heart
  2. Peanuts – because he’s a little nutty
  3. Goldfish – for his love of fishing
  4. Mini Marshmallows – since he’s a big softy
  5. M & Ms – because he’s sweet
  6. Popcorn – because he’s your favorite “pop!”

Have your kids use their imaginations and don’t forget to let dad know why you chose what you did!  (adapted from Family Fun Magazine)

shirtcake.jpgBake a Shirt Cake

My favorite Father’s Day cake is one that is baked in a 13″ x 9″ rectangular cake pan, removed from the pan, flipped over and then frosted to look like a dress shirt and tie!

  1. Use vanilla icing to create a white button down shirt, or tint the icing with food coloring for a light pink or blue shirt.
  2. White paper cut into 2 triangles form the collar and additional icing tinted in a darker color with make a fun tie! (If your cake decorating skills are limited like mine, just cut a tie out of colorful gift wrap or have the kids make a construction paper version!)
  3. To serve, line an actual shirt box with tissue paper, place wax paper in the bottom and set the cake inside!  Dad might really appreciate this departure from the traditional gift of a necktie! ( Family Fun Magazine)

Handcrafted Cuff Links

This is another idea that will get your children thinking about dad’s favorite things!

  1. At Jan’s Jewels, pick up cuff link bases in either gold or silver plated finish, selecting the style with the 15mm pad.  This slightly larger base will allow you greater flexibility when gluing items onto the cuff link. (jansjewels.com, #0052-28 for silver; #0046-25 for gold, $1.89)
  2. Next, start brainstorming about which fun things you’ll use to decorate the cuff links!  How about coins minted in a meaningful year?  Polished rocks?  Dice? Subway tokens? Monopoly or Scrabble playing pieces?  Sea shells?  Put your imagination to work and you’ll have a truly special gift for the dad in your life!  Jewelry glue is available from artbeads.com, #E6000, noting that parental supervision is essential with this part of the project!

Helping your children to make gifts for dad will provide fond memories of quality time spent with you and a proud sense of accomplishment when they bestow those gifts on Father’s Day!

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Updated May 10, 2013


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