Holiday Shopping Tips

Frosted Bags - Frosted Colored Plastic Shopping BagsSpeed up Your Holiday Shopping!

If you must head to the mall this holiday season, here are some tips that will get you in and out quickly! 

  • If possible, call ahead and have your purchase set aside for you.  Once the gift is set aside, you can even send your spouse to make the actual purchase!  (They shouldn’t be able to mess up this one!)
  • Get organized before you leave the house – draw up a shopping list and gather any store coupons that you’ve collected.  If you don’t have a coupon for a certain store, don’t be shy about asking the sales clerk if any sort of promotion is in effect.
  • Leave your coat in the car!
  • Baby or not, consider grabbing a stroller from the mall kiosk to hold shopping bags!  Even if you’re not buying tons of presents, the bags get heavy very quickly! 
  • Don’t forget that you can bring all of your purchases to one counter.  For a shorter line, head to a department selling a less popular product.
  • Be vocal about boxes, extra tissue and gift receipts!

After a while, reward yourself with a food court treat!  Take a break and read over your list, crossing off those you’ve just gifted!  Happy Shopping!

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