Halloween Treats for School

Hot Halloween School Treats!

With Halloween looming just ahead, can we really come up with some new ideas for school treats?  The answer is definitely YES!  While it is easy to fill cellophane bags with the usual candies, there are a number of unique treats that will be well received by the little goblins, as well as their parents, whether you serve these in a classroom or at your own home!


Apple Slices with Caramel Dip

Apples-and-caramel-Halloween Treats

  • At the grocery store, T. Marzetti brand caramel dip for apples is sold in small, individual sized containers.  Slice some apples and you’ll be all set!

Cookie Pizza

  • Bake these delicious “pizzas” and decorate with the candy of the season, candy corn!  (See cookie pizza recipe.

Pumpkin Cake

Halloween treats for School Pumpkin Bundt pan

  • Bake a three dimensional pumpkin shaped cake using a pumpkin shaped Bundt mold!

Clever Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcake School Treats

If you must bake, there are a number of cute ways to embellish the traditional cupcake!


  • Skeletons created using white licorice candy for the body and a mini-marshmallow for the head are really cute!
  • Create a spider web on top of your cupcake by frosting first with vanilla icing and then start in the center of the cupcake by piping a spiral shape with chocolate icing.  Use a toothpick to pull lines from the center of the spiral out to the edge to create the web!
  • Turn ordinary cupcakes into spiders!  Frost cupcakes with chocolate icing, sprinkle with chocolate jimmies, add 8 small lengths of black shoestring licorice for legs and two mini-orange M & M’s for eyes!


  • Create individual “graveyards” by layering chocolate pudding and crushed oreos, in clear plastic cups, ending with a layer of crushed cookies.  Decorate the cup with a big dollop of Cool Whip to resemble a ghost and use mini chocolate chips for ghostly eyes.  Add small candy corn or candy pumpkins for extra appeal, if you’d like!

I hope that these ideas inspire you to try something new this Halloween!  And before you get cooking, check with your child’s teacher regarding food allergies in the class. (Just to be safe, I usually send the ingredient list into school with the treats.)   Also check if your child’s teacher bans snacks that list “sugar” as the first ingredient.  My son’s last teacher enforced this policy and forced me to come up with some creative party ideas!

Best witches for a spooktackular Halloween!

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4 responses to “Halloween Treats for School”

  1. Liesa says:

    Another great and EASY Halloween treat is to get the round fudge stripe cookies with a hole in the middle. Place the cookie with the chocolate-covered side facing up. Put some chocolate frosting over the hole in the middle. Top the frosting with a Hershey’s kiss. Make several more, and you have witches’ hats! This is easy and fun!

  2. Catherine says:

    The pumpkin cake is a big hit amongst my friends! Cream cheese icing tastes great in the middle, too!

  3. Really cute treats! I’m going to go on a hunt to find some white licorice! For a non food treat you can print some Halloween coloring pages with each child’s name at twistynoodle.com (for free). Happy Halloween Partying!

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