Halloween Party for Kids

Mummy Mayhem-

Host a Wonderfully Haunted Halloween Party for Your Kids!

Halloween is a terrific time to entertain younger guests – and while there are lots of spooky characters to choose from like ghosts, vampires or witches, the allure of a mummy themed party was just too hard to resist!  Mummies can be so much fun without too much “scary” and so here goes!

Mummy Yard Sign Each

(ShinDigz, Custom Mummy Yard Sign, on sale for $14.99)


From Fine Stationery*:

Mummies reign supreme at this wonderful personalized invitation site!  Look for:

Halloween Party for kids Mummy invitation

A Mummy on an orange background inviting guests to get “unraveled” (Fine Stationery, Unraveled Mummy Invitation, on sale 10 for $33)

Halloween Party Invitations Kids

A Kid Friendly Mummy that’s more sweet than scar. (Pear Tree, Mummy Wrap Invitation, on sale 8 for $10.40)


Print your party information onto a 5” x 7” card and wrap it with gauze bandages from your local drug store before mailing!

Party Goods

  • Simple Black and White – Simple black and white paper products will match this theme, especially if you add some napkins cut from cheesecloth!   (Check out Plum Party’s* nice selection.)


  • Personalized Yard Sign – Set the stage:  welcome guests with a personalized yard sign from Shindigz*! (pictured at top)

Glitter Candelabra

  • A Glittering Black Candelabra –  this well priced accessory will be the perfect centerpiece when displayed on a simple white table cloth! (Costume Express, Glitter Candelabra, on sale for $14.99)


  • Shrouded Candle Holders from the pages of Martha Stewart – stretch a square of cheesecloth around clear glass cylinders or votives of different sizes and secure the edges with 3 or 4 black safety pins (from craft stores).  With children as guests, I’d use safety tea lights instead of real candles! (pictured at right)
  • Wrapped Pumpkins – Wrap a pumpkin or two with gauze bandages; use glue dots to adhere the gauze, leaving a small space for some creepy eyes cut from a sheet of craft foam
  • Hanging Strips of Gauze – Create a mood setting entrance with strips of gauze hung from the front door!


  • Mummy Wrap – divide the children into teams of two and supply each team with a roll of toilet paper.  The first team to fully wrap one of its members in TP wins!
  • A Gift from the Mummy – before the party, again using a roll of TP, tape a small toy to the end of the roll and continue taping prizes and adding them to the roll until it’s been completely rewrapped with the gifts inside.  During the party, gather the children in a circle and invite each one to wrap the roll around a body part (i.e. arm, leg, ankle, wrist and so on) until a prize is revealed.  The roll is then passed to the next guest and so on until all prizes have been given away!  (Family Fun)
  • Halloween Mummy Pinata
  • Mummy Pinata – from an adult perspective, this piñata borders on comical, but I am sure that the kids will love it! (Hollywood Toys Costumes, Mummy Pinata, $11.70)



Hot Dog Mummies:  Serves 12


  • 1 can (11 oz.) Pillsbury refrigerated bread sticks, 12 large hot dogs, cooking spray, ketchup and/or mustard


  • Heat oven to 375 degrees.  Unroll dough and separate at perforations into 12 bread sticks.
  • Cut each bread stick lengthwise and crosswise into 4 pieces for a total of 48 pieces of dough.
  • Wrap 4 pieces of dough around each hot dog to resemble “bandages” stretching the dough slightly completely covering the hot dog and a small separation so that the hot dog shows through the dough for a face.
  • Place wrapped hot dogs on an ungreased cookie sheets and spray lightly with cooking spray.
  • Bake 13 to 17 minutes or until the dough is golden brown and hot dogs are hot.  With mustard, draw features on “face.”

Mummy Dessert – Here are a few fun mummy inspired treats!

Marshmallow Mummies:  Makes 6


  • 18 large marshmallows; 6 thin pretzel sticks (approx. 3”); 1 box chewy fruit roll up (any flavor); black cake decorating gel

How to:

  • thread 3 marshmallows on each pretzel stick, making 6 bodies.
  • Remove fruit snack rolls from the packaging, but don’t unroll.  With kitchen scissors cut each roll in half horizontally to make 12 rolls of long strips. Unroll and remove paper.
  • Wrap 2 long strips around each “body” to resemble a mummy, leaving a small open spot for the face.  Add black gel icing dots to make eyes!

This would also make a fun party activity!  (Pillsbury.com)

Mummy Cupcakes Done 2 Ways

Using prebaked and frosted cupcakes, decorate the desserts in one of two clever ways:


  • Funny Mummy:  cut two small slices into large marshmallows being careful to not cut all the way through.  In the bottom opening insert one brown M & M (mouth!) and in the upper opening insert two green TicTac’s.  (eyes!)  Garnish chocolate iced cupcakes with mummy heads!
  • Gummy Mummy:  frost cupcakes with vanilla icing. Place two matching colored M & M’s on cupcakes as “eyes.” Cut small strips from a roll of green sour apple bubble gum tape and arrange multiple “bandage” strips across the tops of the cupcakes at slight angles leaving the eyes showing. (pictured)

Party Favors

Fill squares of cheesecloth with an assortment of the items below and tie off with a black ribbon!

Halloween Party Favors

  • Halloween Growing Monsters – this fun toy is a coffin that kids submerge in water. A mummy grows and emerges from its resting place! (Oriental Trading, Halloween Growing Monsters, $19.95 per dozen)
  • Halloween Party Favors
  • Gummy Mummies – this cute gummy candy mummy arrives packaged in its own plastic coffin! (Candy Warehouse*, Gummy Mummies, 16 for $24)


  • Mummy Rummy – if you’d prefer to offer just one party favor instead of an assortment, consider giving each guest a game of Mummy Rummy!  Wrap each game in black wrapping paper and use a length of gauze as the ribbon! (Mummy Rummy, $7.99 each)
  • Curse of the Mummy Blogspot – for lots of other mummy related toys, games, movies and costumes, head to a one stop shop:  Curse of the Mummy’s Blog!

Wrap it Up!  (No Pun Intended!)

Halloween Party glasses

After you’ve sent the young guests home with their “mummies,” pour yourself and your spouse a beverage in these Hand Painted Mummy Pilsner Glasses.  Each glass features a unique drink recipe on the bottom! (Amazon, Mummy Pilsner Glasses, on sale for $29.99)

Happy Halloween!

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    Found you on Twitter and we love your mummy inspired treats and ideas! Most excellent ideas not only for Halloween, but for an Egyptian party for kids! We’ll be linking to your site shortly. — Christine

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