Halloween Gifts for Grownups

Halloween Gifts for Grownups!

The hype around Halloween is so focused on the kids – with candy, costumes and even gifts like those I’ve recommended on Busy Bee (Halloween Gifts for Kids)! But just so the Halloween “staff” doesn’t feel left out, take a look at the fabulous, hand painted glasses offered at Wrapables!  No matter what you’re favorite “poison,” there’s a glass for you!

Choose a Fabulous Halloween Glass

Halloween martini glass

  • First is “Wicked Witch the 3rds Martini Glass”, complete with a witch hat and broomstick! (Hula Island, Wicked Witch Martini Glass, on sale for $23.95)

Halloween mummy Pilsner glass

  • A pilsner glass for beer is embellished with mummy wrappings, (Amazon, Mummy Pilsner Glass, on sale for $29.99)

Halloween Bones mug

  • A mug for coffee or tea features dancing skeletons (Amazon, Crazy Bones Beverage Mug, on sale for $29.96)!   Each style also features a unique drink recipe on the bottom of the glass!

Halloween Wine Glass

  • If wine is your beverage of choice, this candy corn embellished wine glass is perfect! (Amazon, Candy Corn Wine Glass, on sale for $139.99)

Treat yourself or a friend to one of these specialty glasses, perfect for whatever “poison” you prefer and perhaps the perfect reward for a hard night’s work!

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