Halloween Fun for Kids with Halloween Stockings!

Halloween Stockings!

Just when I thought that I was done writing about Halloween, I remembered the fun Halloween stockings that I bought for my children last year at a Craft Fair!  When I found these adorable stockings, I knew they would be a great way to bestow some small Halloween treats in a decorative and reusable way.  (Click on the photo to see a larger image.)

If you’d like to stuff some stockings this Halloween (doesn’t that sound funny?) here are two different ways to go about it!

Homemade or Purchased Stockings

Halloween Stockin Pattern

  • Halloween Stocking Sewing Pattern – At Home Spun Hearth, you can order a sewing pattern to make your own adorable Halloween stockings.  If you’re handy with a sewing machine, consider creating these unique pieces for your children!    But, if sewing is NOT one of your talents (it’s definitely not one of mine!), consider purchasing the materials and have a seamstress (or a kind relative) make them for you! (Home Spun Hearth, Vintage Halloween Stocking, pattern number ZP-A0039, on sale for $15.49)

Witch Shoe Treat Bags

  • Witch’s Shoe Treat Bags – and for a funky twist on this idea, consider these bright, colorful felt stockings from Lillian Vernon*!  Sold in a set of six, in three different patterns. (Lillian Vernon, Witch’s Shoe Treat Bags, set of 6 for $2.98)icon

This has been a terrific tradition for my children – one that they really look forward to, even more so now that my two older children are no longer going door to door gathering candy!  And one last tip – at our house we hang the stockings on the mantle two or three nights before Halloween so that the kids can enjoy what’s inside right up until the big night!

Do you have a fun idea for Halloween that you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear!

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* It’s serendipity when the products we love are from the sponsors we love!



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One response to “Halloween Fun for Kids with Halloween Stockings!”

  1. Regina says:

    My mom made all of her grandchildren Halloween stockings since she is always trying to figure out what to put all of the treats into. We don’t need another plastic container. The kids just love finding out what is inside the stocking. Plus it eliminates extra Halloween bags. Another fun thing I do is I put lunch box notes in my kids lunchbox around Halloween and other occasions. They are little notes I printed up on the computer that tells Halloween jokes or says Boo! on them. They also can be downloaded from the computer – if you look up lunch box notes – The wesite is activityvillage.co.uk
    My kids just love getting a little surprise with their lunch.

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