Green Dimes – Easily Stop Unwanted Junk Mail!

mail.jpgTip of the Week – Green Dimes! 

This earth friendly website provides the fabulous service of reducing the unwanted junk mail that pours into your mailbox each day, creating a win-win situation for you and the environment!  A basic membership at Green Dimes is free (!), offering five years of junk mail protection and giving you the tools to remove your name from mailing lists.  “Premium” and “Green Bundle” levels are available for $20 or $36, and for these fees, Green Dimes will remove your name and the names of others in your household from unwelcome mailing lists.  Monthly monitoring and the planting of trees on your behalf are also some of the perks of the paid membership! 

Consider joining Green Dimes and feel terrific about saving and planting trees while reducing the time you spend each day sorting the mail!  And for some additional, easy ideas for going green, take a look at Going “Light” Green! (

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