Back to School Gift Guide 2010; Fabulous Gifts for Back to School

Back to School Gift Guide:  Fabulously Fun Gifts for Back to School!

Although the First Day of School may not be a traditional gift giving occasion, there are some really cute and fun gifts that will send your kids out the door or onto the bus with a smile!

T-Shirts:  the sayings on these shirts will have you laughing – not cringing!

From Chasing Fireflies

preschoolshirtMy School (or Preschool or Kindergarten) is Cool,” $30

firstgradeFirst Grade (or Second, Third or Fourth) is Cool,” $30

From Silly Wagon


Kindergarten (or First Grade) Rocks!,” $48.95

Just for Fun

Personalized First Day of School Cones

boyconesHailing back to a sweet German custom, these adorable cones from Chasing Fireflies arrive personalized and filled with all sorts of fun toys and games!  (Filled Girls Cone, Filled Boys Cone, available seasonally).  And if you’re feeling creative, purchase an empty cone from Magic Cabin and fill it with your own gift selections!  (Empty Traditional German School Cone, $7.98)*

And for more information about this charming tradition, take a look at Start a New Tradition for the First Day of School!

Monogrammed Water Bottles


Garnet Hill helps the planet with personalized water bottles!  These aluminum bottles are durable and lightweight, sporting either a name or initial and include two different screw tops and a carabiner. (Personalized Aluminum Water Bottle, $29)

Pocket Caddies


This is a terrific organizational tool for kids from Garnet Hill!  This tote, in four bright patterns, features six outside pockets, a removable four-compartment divider and nylon handles is just perfect for corralling pencils, crayons, tape, staplers and so much more!  Personalization will make this gift even more special!  (Pocket Caddy, $38)

Animal Alarm Clock

Animal Alarm Clock Pig

Start their mornings off on a good foot with these alarm clocks in either pink pig or white dog, feature posable limbs and a friendly face! (Animal Alarm Clock, $14.95)*

String Dolls Back Pack Charms


No back pack is complete without an assortment of key chains and baubles hanging from the zipper!  Pick up a funky and funny addition from Kamibashi – these string dolls depict famous historical figures and impart their inspiration to your kids!  There’s Vincent (VanGogh) for creative genius, Marie Antoinette (so they can have their cake and eat it too!), Shakespeare (to help kids find their voice) and so many more! (String Dolls, $10 Each)

Lap Desks

Room It Up has a terrific assortment of lap desks for boys and girls with colorful, easy to clean plastic tops and cotton bottoms.  With this gift, you can encourage homework wherever your kids find themselves! (Lap Desk, $28*)

Desk Raft


I love this cute item modeled after a pirate ship! Haba’s clever raft will add organization and fun to your son’s desk! (Haba Corsario Desk Raft, $32.99)

Robot Pencil Sharpener


Make a dull task something for the kids to fight over!  This funny robot winds up when you sharpen a pencil and then walks across the table!  Pencil shavings collect in his head! (Robot Pencil Sharpener, The Organized Parent, $7.95)*

Back to School Movies

My kids love adding to their DVD collection and a school themed movie might be just the thing for an older child!  Remember some of these “vintage” releases?

Consider wrapping up one of these gifts and placing it next to your child’s breakfast plate on the first day of school! Lucky you when your child greets the new school year with a grin instead of a groan!

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