Give a Child a Gift that Keeps Coming

Give a Child a Gift that Keeps Coming!

At birthday and holiday time, the excitement of receiving a gift is often over as soon as the ribbons and wrapping paper are off!  Recently, though, I’ve come across several ideas for “subscription” gifts – gifts that arrive each month, giving kids something to look forward to long after the celebration!

Little Passports – A Global Adventure

This award winning company brings a different global adventure to your child’s mailbox each month!  Each package include an adventure letter, fun souvenirs, activities and access to an online “Boarding Zone” full of games and activities.  Children will be entertained, but will also learn about people and places around the world!  (Little Passports, ages 5 and up)

Playful Craft Creations

Each month your child will receive everything that’s needed to create an original and unique craft project.  There’s an easy to follow instruction sheet and all of the prep and planning are done for you!  (Playful Craft Creations, ages 4 to 12)

National Wildlife Federation

The NWF publishes four magazines, each focusing on a different age group, and sharing its wonderful message with fun facts, games and stories.  Children between the ages of two and fourteen will enjoy these magazines filled with gorgeous photography and absolutely no advertising!  (National Wildlife Federation)

The Lollipop Book Club

This gift subscription promises the “sweet gift of reading!”  The book club allows you to shop by age and theme, building a package that’s perfect for your special child.  Each book is mailed in a signature red envelope with a note from the gift giver and a fancy lollipop!  (The Lollipop Book Club, baby to age 12)

All kids love presents and love getting something in the mail that’s just for them!  Consider these fabulous gifts that deliver happiness long after the big day!

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