Tip Tuesday – Gift Giving the Smartbox Way!

Gift Giving the Smartbox Way!


So often when trying to think of a gift for someone, buying more “stuff” just doesn’t fit the bill.  If that’s the case for you, Smartbox has the perfect solution!  Smartbox is all about giving the gift of an “experience” that is specially chosen to suit the recipient.  The shopping process is so easy – just head to the website and fill in a few prompts such as state and price parameters (prices start at just $69) and then decide upon the perfect type of experience from three basic themes:

  • Health and Wellness – includes massage, yoga, and spa treatments
  • Sport Activity – such as horseback riding, plane flight, sailing, rafting, kayaking, parachuting
  • Escape Getaways – offers bed and breakfasts and gourmet retreats

The recipient will be able to schedule the experience of their choice from a wide variety of activities or destinations within the Smartbox category you’ve chosen.  Other than any travel cost, there will be no additional expenses.

The next time that you just can’t think of a terrific gift, which may be as soon as this Father’s Day, give Smartbox a try!

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Updated May 21, 2013

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2 responses to “Tip Tuesday – Gift Giving the Smartbox Way!”

  1. Anne says:

    I can’t wait to buy one a Smartbox for my parents! They’re so hard to shop for!

  2. Michelle says:

    love it – it’s such a cool gift to give – this will be great for everyone in my family!

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