Fun Pantone Inspired Products

Fun Products Inspired by the Colors of Pantone!

With the recent announcement of the Color of the Year for 2011, Honeysuckel, I thought that I’d take a look at some of the fun gifts inspired by these classic color charts!



Choose your favorite shade from this assortment of ten colors!  Or, an entire set of ten!  (individual mugs, $14.99)

Travel Accessories


Each one of these items is really practical, but pack a punch of color with creative flair!



Match your preferred strength to the relevant Pantone colour and get that perfect cup every time!  (Pantone 4 Coffee T-Shirt, from $25.14)

Cufflinks and Key Rings

Designed to resemble the iconic Pantone chip, these cufflinks and key rings are made of stainless steel and feature coloured enamel in seasonal colors. (Cufflinks, $67; Key Rings, $45)

iPhone and iPad Cases

Bright and colorful, these cases are a fun statement in the world of electronics!  Case Scenario, who manufactures these covers, calls the Pantone colors “the color of ideas” which is incredibly inspiring!  (iPhone and iPad Cases)

Each one of these items would make a fabulous gift for the creative people in your life – both those who create art and those who are inspired by it!   What Pantone color are you?

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