Fun New Ways to Serve Hot Dogs

hotdogsHot Dogs Revisited:  Some Fun New Ways to Serve Hot Dogs!

Even though it’s August and you may be thinking about back to school, back yard barbeques are still going strong!  And with that in mind, I love finding new ways of serving old favorites – with hot dogs at the top of that list!  Not too long ago, Busy Bee offered a number of delicious gourmet hot dog toppings and now I’ve got some new ideas to share!

Hot Dogs Across the Country

Almost every region of the United States has created its own special version of this cook out classic!  Give one of these local renditions of hot dog toppings a try:

  • New York:  brown mustard and onions stewed in tomato paste
  • Kansas City:  melted Swiss cheese and sauerkraut
  • Atlanta:  loads of coleslaw
  • Chicago:  yellow mustard, chopped onion, tomato slices, and pickled green peppers sprinkled with celery salt
  • Detroit:  all-beef chili, raw white onion, yellow mustard and shredded cheddar cheese

Creative Hot Dog Recipes

Even the most distinguished chefs and culinary magazines have offered delicious renditions of the simple hot dog!

Rachel Ray – Out of the Park Burritos, Three Ways.  These recipes are from Rachael Ray and serve the dogs in tortillas instead of buns, with a nod to local fixings!

Food & Wine Magazinethis recipe from Food & Wine Magazine features an Asian inspired glaze and grilled mustard-brushed croissants!

Better Homes and Gardens – this recipe from Better Homes and Gardens is the perfect balance of sweet and savory!

Summertime Hotdogs

The Mustards that Pass the Taste Test

It’s hard to imagine a hot dog without mustard along side and Rachael Ray has done a terrific job of letting us know just which brands pass muster!  (okay, I could have said, cut the mustard!)

I hope you enjoy these new tricks for an old dog!

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  1. Liz says:

    Can’t wait to try the recipe from Food and Wine magazine! Who knew they’d have a hot dog recipe!? Thanks!

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