Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

thanksgiving-turkey.jpgFun Ideas for Kids’ Activities on Thanksgiving!


On Thanksgiving, between the cooking, baking and football watching, our youngest guests might feel a bit left out! And so, here are some ideas for engaging and entertaining the little ones with some fun Thanksgiving Day activities while you’re getting dinner on the table!

Kids’ Activities for Before Thanksgiving Dinner!

Identify Family Members in Old Photos

Give the children a big basket of old family photos – the older the better – and have them try to identify aunts, uncles and grandparents!

Create Paper Turkey Feathers with Inscriptions of Thankfulness

  • Assign the older children the job of cutting feathers out of multi-colored construction paper.
  • Have the children interview each other and the adults to find out what they are most thankful for. Inscribe the feathers with each item of thankfulness.
  • Share the “feathers” at the dinner table!

Create Fun Thanksgiving Party Favors and Treats

Set out a small array of snacks and have the children pack cellophane bags with a “Harvest Blessing Mix.” Fill five bowls with the following snacks:

  • Bugles – representing the cornucopia
  • Pretzels – for arms folded in thanks and prayer
  • Candy Corn – five for each bag, representing the five daily kernels of corn allotted to the pilgrims during the first winter
  • Candy fruits – reminding children of the harvest
  • Sunflower Seeds – seeds remind us of the bountiful harvest that we can enjoy if they are planted and tended.

Close the bags with ribbon and attach a printable tag from and send everyone home with this unique party favor!

Offer an Adorable Toy for the Five and Under Set

Thanksgiving Toys

Fisher-Price offers the cutest “Little People” Thanksgiving play sets! The “Thanksgiving Celebration” set includes 13 pieces – pilgrims, Indians, benches, tables, turkey platter and more! (Little People Thanksgiving Celebration, $29.77)

Thanksgiving toys

The “Mayflower” set has the toddler version of this famous ship which rolls and plays songs and sounds, too. More accessories are also included! (Little People Mayflower Playset)  Both toys are catalog and online exclusives.

Kids’ Activities and Fun Treats for Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Cover the “Kids” Table with Brown Paper

Cover the “kids” table with brown paper and set out crayons and markers for Thanksgiving dinner entertainment. If you have an extra minute or two, scallop the edges of the paper with scissors.

Make Cornucopia Place Cards

Before the big dinner, have your own children make stuffed cornucopia place cards for all of the children that will be at your home for Thanksgiving dinner!  (For images of a beautiful kids’ thanksgiving table including these cornupcopias, see Thanksgiving Day Decorations)

  • Trim sugar ice cream cones with ribbon and lay them on their sides in the style of traditional cornucopias.
  • Pipe the children’s names onto the cone with icing or make a paper name tag and attach it to the ribbon.
  • Fill the cones with candy fruit, candy corn, or whatever you’d like that most resembles the harvest bounty! (as seen in Family Fun Magazine!)

Buy or Create Your Own Dinner Conversation Starters

thanksgiving box of questions
Get great dinner conversations going with Table Talkers or Conversation Starters! (The Box Girls, The Thanksgiving Box of Questions, $19.95)  If you’re industrious or have older children, try creating your own version!

Let Everyone Make a Wish on a Turkey Wishbone!

Thanksgiving wishbones

Before dinner is over, let everyone have the chance to make a wish on a turkey wishbone! Take a look at Lucky Break’s faux plastic wishbonesand consider adding this fun activity to your celebration!  Available in a variety of quantities. (Lucky Break’s, Faux Wishbones, on sale for $3.99)

I hope that these ideas inspire you to add some extra fun for the kids this Thanksgiving!

Are you planning a fun Thanksgiving activity, craft or game for children this year? I’d love to hear your ideas for making thanksgiving fun for kids!

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6 responses to “Thanksgiving Fun for Kids”

  1. Melitsa says:

    Thanks these are great ideas especially for the kids. It’s a new holiday for us to celebrate so ideas are handy.

    Thanks for sharing them also with the Carnival of Family Life- Bonfire edition.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Looking forward to doing some of the activities with my son… he is the only child at our Thanksgiving dinner and often gets bored! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. nina says:

    I just ordered some of those fun wishbones for the kids tables! Thanks for the fun tip.

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