Food Trends for the New Decade

Food Trends for the New Decade!

One of my favorite topics to read and write about is food!  And keeping up with the latest food trends allows me to feel “hip” when ordering in restaurants and trying new recipes!  The current trends in dining run the gamut from the familiar revisited to entirely new directions in preparation and presentation!  Here’s what you may be seeing in your kitchen or favorite restaurant in the near future!

Sous Vide

This unusual method of cooking is making a resurgence!  Sous vide refers to cooking food that has been vacuumed sealed in plastic bags and simmered at extremely low temperatures in a precisely heated water bath.  The result is meats, fish and vegetables that are extremely moist and full of flavor! (To try this at home, take a look at Food and Wine Magazine’s recipes for Sous Vide Tri-Tip with Cilantro Butter or Sous Vide Salmon with Cucumbers.


First it was gourmet, brick oven pizzas  – and then sliders of every sort! Now, the humble taco is taking center stage and chefs are perfecting traditional versions, as well as branching out to give other cuisines the “taco treatment!”  Look for tacos filled with pork, tofu, Asian inspired ingredients, ham, beef jerky, fried tilapia and so much more! (See Food and Wine Magazine’s unique taco recipes, pictured at top)


Yes, dirt!  Given the current locavore trend and chefs’ desire to use the freshest ingredients available, it’s not too surprising that we’re starting to see restaurant dishes that honor the soil!  Look for dishes plated on “soil” made from dried mushrooms, graham cracker crumbs mixed with Jamaican curry, or olives with toasted mustard seeds!  For desserts, the kid favorite “pot of dirt” gets a sophisticated update with sprigs of mint as garnish!


Not just for Italian meals anymore, meatballs are now reinterpreted by a variety of International cuisines!  A Middle Eastern version is made of ground lamb, with yogurt sauce and served on flatbread.  Meatballs become a Vietnamese specialty when made from pork and topped with a hot chili mayo, diced carrots and Japanese radishes.  Spanish, Moroccan and updated Italian will also take center stage!  (See Bon Appetite’s Meatball Slideshow)

Sriracha Hot Sauce

This addictively spicy chili sauce is the latest and greatest new ingredient!  The sauce is sold in the Asian food sections of supermarkets, but is produced in Los Angeles and sells more than 10 million bottles each year!  The sauce is incredibly versatile – it can be added to eggs, stir fry, stews, soups and one of my favorites, Bloody Mary cocktails!  If your grocery store doesn’t carry sriracha hot sauce, pick a bottle up from Amazon!

As I finish this article, I find myself very hungry!  I think my first stop will be at the market for a bottle of the chili sauce and the ingredients for Pork Meatballs Banh Mi!  Bon appétit!

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    This is a really fun article! Am looking forward to seeing tacos on menus!

  2. Julie M. says:

    All this talk of food is making me hungry! Thanks for sharing!

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