Favorite Stuffed Animals for Kids

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids:  Part I – Favorite Stuffed Animals

Ugly Dolls


These quirky little guys are so ugly that they’re actually super cute!  Hand sewn from polar fleece in a variety of colors, these huggable characters appeal to boys and girls of all ages!  Each Ugly Doll comes with its own name and unique story, ready to be adopted! (all ages, Ugly Dolls, $21.95)



Offering a new alternative to the ever popular Webkinz, Seapals are plush stuffed animals that “live” in an online aquarium which can be decorated and cared for by your pal.  Kids can interact and play games with other children earning “pearl points” as they go.  Dozens of cute sea animals are available like turtles, lobsters, manta rays and pink anemone fish. (ages 3 – 9 years, Seapals, $10.50, $10.50)



Short for Iddy Biddy, this eco-friendly company has created a trio of characters designed to teach children about keeping our Earth happy, healthy and green!  With these cute toys, parents can instill green living without installing solar panels on the roof!  Here’s the roster:

  • Scout – a fluffy white cloud who knows all about air and air pollution
  • Lola – a hot pink flower who teaches about trees and plants
  • Waverly – a bright blue water drop who cares “deeply” about oceans, rivers and lakes

(idbids, $39.99)

(Not So) Scary Monsters


Who said that monsters need to be scary?  FAO Schwarz has an terrific “menagerie” of mythical monsters that offer more laughs than chills!  These eight, pop-eyed, long limbed tentacle beasties have arrived from England and are sure to delight! (Scary Monster, FAO Schwarz, $29)

Do you have a favorite stuffed animal for kids?  Please share!


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