Fabulous Wine Bags

Look What I Found:  Fabulous Wine Bags!

A nice bottle of wine is the basic, go to hostess gift, but with the proper presentation it can be something special!  Here are some stand out wine totes that will deliver your merlot in style!

A Storage Sac from Henry Road

This catchall was not designed specifically as a wine tote, but its uses after the wine is gone are endless!  Crafted from recycled, burlap coffee bags and Henry Road’s signature striped fabric, this cute sac can corral keys, phones, CD’s and more!  (Henry Road Storage Sac, $35)

The Old Village Hall

The Old Village Hall is based in NYC’s East Village and offers modern interpretations of elements from the past!  Village Hall’s Edgar Allan Poe screen-printed wine tote is a perfect example!  (Edgar Allen Poe Wine Tote, $30)

South House Boutique

This Etsy designer handcrafts wine bags from burlap and finishes them with a chalk fabric label for adding a personal message! (Burlap Wine Bottle Bags, Set of 4, $20)

Vineyard Vines

Modeled after their terrific tote bags, these wine totes look great whether you’re on Martha’s Vineyard or not!  Available in two cute patterns: crabs and grapes. (Vineyard Vines Wine Tote, $45)

Hero Bags

Crisp canvas with clever designs, these wine totes from Hero Bags are fun and modern!  Designs include the outline of a bottle of “hootch,” “bubbly” and one or two bottle carriers. (Hero Bags, $12.95 to $14.95)

Anna Street Studio

At Anna Street Studio, you can create your own wine bag with a custom combination of fabrics or purchase a premade version!  The fabrics and ribbon trims are adorable and an embellished wine tote would make a great gift for your stylish girlfriend! (Anna Street Studio Totes, $17)

This wine tote round up should solve any of your gift giving needs with exactly the right bag for each recipient!  You’re thoughtfulness and good taste will be easy to see!

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  1. Great site with hard to find products to make events and life…. special.

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