Fabulous Stocking Stuffers for Women

Christmas Gift Guide  – Fabulous Stocking Stuffers for Women

Sarah Pinto Planners


These super cute planners are mom-designed and green.  Printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper, these preppy, purse friendly planners are just right for the non-Blackberry people!  The hardest part will be choosing which cover best suits you or your gift recipient! (Sarah Pinto Planners, $25)

Plumberry Lane Soaps


These soaps and specialty products are just too sweet for words!  “Dessert” soaps in the shape of oreos, chocolate bars, cupcakes, candy and more are just irresistible!  The site also offers soaps with all natural ingredients, lip balms and more. (Plumberry Lane Dessert Soaps)

Pom Pom Hair Ties


Billed as just the right amount of cute, without the “cutesie,” these hair ties with semi-precious stone pom-poms are perfect for adding some pizzazz to any ponytail!  Many color combinations are available, but my favorite is the blue/pink/green version (H61)!  Adorable packaging is a plus! (Pom Pom Hair Ties, $24)

Attractive Luggage Tags


These tags are a cute and colorful way to identify luggage, tote or sport bags, stroller or diaper bags.  Laminated tags come in your choice of design and monogram and feature matching grosgrain ribbons. (Luggage Tags, $6)

Tassie Hair Wrap


This clever product is made of comfortable stretch terry cloth and makes it easy to keep your hair out of your face when washing, applying make up and more.  And unlike headbands, clips or turbans, the Tassi promises not to flatten, twist or mess up your hair do! (Tassi Hair Wrap, $14.99, 12 colors)

Fashion Problem Solvers by Embrace

pearsoap.gifThe Bra Strap Solution – this device attaches to the back of a regular bra and eliminates straps that slip off your shoulders or peek out from under a blouse!  It’s clear, comfortable and one size fits all! (The Bra Strap Solution, $8.50)

In Place – transparent and hypoallergenic double stick tape strips adhere to fabric or skin to prevent gaps in a blouse, repair a torn pant hem or make a revealing top less revealing!  Fix it fast and easily! (In Place, $8.50)

Clothes Planner


If you’ve ever forgotten where you last wore that special outfit, this is the perfect gift for you!  The planner pack includes pretty padded hangers for the clothing and tags for recording the event the outfit was worn at, as well as the date and accessories. (Clothes Planner, $12.50)

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