Fabulous Find Friday – a Festive Bicycle Basket!

Fabulous Find Friday –  The Most Fabulous Bike Basket!


Little says summer like a warm weather bike ride – and even better, is a ride that ends at a bakery or café with a delicious treat that you can stow away in the basket of your bike!  If your bike doesn’t have a basket or yours could use an upgrade, you just have to consider the festive wicker basket from Mostly Monograms.  This basket is trimmed with dozens of multicolored ribbons and can be monogrammed for an even more special touch.  The handled basket is easily mounted on any bike and pops on and off for shopping jaunts.  Even better, no two are alike. (Festive Bike Basket, $50)

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One response to “Fabulous Find Friday – a Festive Bicycle Basket!”

  1. The Preppy Princess says:

    This is a fabulous find, we love it!

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