Easter Fun for Kids

Exceptional Easter Ideas!

As I write about each holiday, I always find that a few great ideas come my way just as the special day is about to approach!  And so here are my latest thoughts about fun activities for kids this Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt Updates

We’re all familiar with the basics of a traditional Easter egg hunt – hidden eggs, children armed with colorful baskets and a wild melee while the eggs are being discovered!  But here are some fun twists for this year’s hunt:

Try an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt – this is a clever way to lead your children to their basket or another special gift –particularly something sizable, like a bike, sandbox, sports equipment and so on!

  • Number Plastic Eggs – The first step is to number six plastic eggs with stickers or markers. (Pastel Easter Eggs, Bright Easter Eggs)
  • Hide the Special Gift – Go ahead and hide the special gift- we’ve used the inside of the dryer, shower and coat closet as favorite hiding spots!
  • Fill the Eggs with Clues – Then fill the eggs with short clues that will lead the hunter from egg #1 (which you should hand to your child at the outset!) to egg #6 and the ultimate prize.  This is a great way to combine Easter gift giving with an egg hunt!
  • Another Idea for Fillers – Another tricky idea is to purchase a gift for each child that lends itself to being divided!  In other words, fill pink plastic eggs for your daughter with the many parts of a Polly Pocket or Littlest Pet Shop set and blue, plastic eggs for your son with Legos, Transformers or Mega Blocks Pirates. (See Amazon for lots of choices.) When all of the eggs are found, an entire play set is ready for assembly and play time!

Guilt Free Easter Basket Treats

These little hand crafted “treats” have caught my attention in a very big way!  Silly Wagon offers a variety of adorable felt Easter treats including chocolate bunnies, yellow felt “Peeps,” and beautiful Easter cookies!  The individually sold faux treats are wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon!  (Silly Wagon, $10.95 for each precocious chick, $12.95 for the chocolate felt bunny and $17.95 for the Easter Cookies!)

Consider adding these fun ideas to your Easter celebration this year!  And, please, send me photos of your Easter parties and Easter baskets!  I love to be inspired by the creativity of our fabulous readers!

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