Creative and Unique Easter Baskets and Ideas for Filling

Creating Fabulous Easter Baskets in 3 Easy Steps!

This year Easter Sunday is on Sunday, April 24th.  It’s time to start planning as Easter will be here before you know it!

Step 1 – Choosing a Fabulous Easter Basket!

Easter Basket

Do your children have special Easter baskets? My children have been using the same, handcrafted baskets since their very first Easter (pictured), and I am still holding onto my own childhood basket!  These unique baskets are a big part of our Easter traditions.  If you don’t have a basket weaver in the family, or have been using a hodge podge of baskets, consider starting your own tradition with lovely, personalized baskets.

Two great sources for baskets are Pottery Barn Kids and Lillian Vernon.

Lillian Vernon

Lined easter baskets

Lillian Vernon offers wicker Easter baskets with personalized fabric liners in three color combinations (Lillian Vernon, Fabric lined wicker Easter Baskets).

Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids offers traditional wicker Easter baskets in white and honey with personalized fabric liners for girls and boys. (Pottery Barn KidsEaster Baskets for Girls, Easter Baskets for Boys)

Heirloom Easter Baskets

For a truly heirloom basket, consider investing in Easter baskets made by The Longaberger Company.  The quality and craftmanship, as well as the cuteness factor, are unbeatable.  If you’re interested, take a look at the Easter 2011 basket.

Available separately are an over-the-edge Liner in a cute Easter print and a protector.  You will not be disappointed, and you can also be sure that your children will still have their basket when they are parents! (Longaberger Easter Basket)

Step 2 – Filling a Bunny Worthy Basket!

In the interest of limiting the candy that goes into my children’s baskets, I’ve taken to filling each basket around a specific theme. The themes have varied widely from year to year, depending on the age, sex and interests of my kids!

Once you have chosen a theme for each child, filling a basket with fantastic things will be a breeze!  Also, by choosing a theme in February, you can keep your eyes open for cute additions as you go about your errands.  Some examples for themes are:

For Little Ones

Elmo, Dora, dinosaurs, Polly Pockets, Hot Wheels, Curious George, Barbie, a favorite Disney princess, PlayDough, Fisher Price “Little People”  (pictured at right, Fisher Price Little People Easter Egg Hunt), Rubber Ducky or craft items.

For Bigger Kids

  • All kinds of sports, Lego, pirates, music, Harry Potter, Sponge Bob, beach, nature, outdoors, gardening, or for girls, beauty or spa.

Types of Items to Consider Including in Your Easter Baskets

  • Little stuffed animals, dolls, small toys, CD’s, balls, small versions of a favorite toy, iTunes gift cards, books, craft supplies, DVD’s, Play Station or wii games, sports accessories or puzzles.
  • Some of the major retailers like Target or WalMart carry candy in many of the themes listed above and more.

If you need a little more help with specific items for a basket, here are two examples that will help guide you:

For a Baseball Theme

  • Colors – use a color theme of red, white and blue or if your child has a favorite team, their team colors.  Choose fluff and ribbon to match.
  • Stuffers – consider packages of baseball cards, chocolate balls wrapped in foil made to look like baseballs, an actual baseball, handheld video baseball game, baseball cap, signed memorabilia related to a player or team (try ebay),  Big League chew gum, baseball stats book, really attractive baseball podiums from the Land of Nod, and finally, Baseball Pencils With Ball Erasers from
  • If your custom is to give a significant gift – Major or Minor League Baseball game tickets or Major League Baseball sheets, comforters, pillows and more from Pottery Barn Teen.

For a Disney Princess Theme

  • Colors – use a color theme that matches the color of your chosen princess!  Green for Ariel, yellow for Belle, blue for Cinderella or pink for Sleeping Beauty.  Choose basket trim and filler to match.
  • Stuffers – Barbie Disney princess dolls are available for each princess as well as Polly Pocket sized dolls,  DVDs and CDs of movie music, princess fruit snacks, princess themed candy (available at large retailers), Disney Store candy in cute containers plus a wide range of toys and games specific for each princess available on the Disney Store website, dress-up accessories, little books, tiaras, coloring books, puzzles, card games, stickers, games for a PC or gameboy.  The sky is really the limit with this one!
  • If your custom is to give a significant gift – tickets to Disney on Ice or Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, or a princess scooter!

If you don’t want to pick a specific theme, consider a “color” theme.  Pick a color for each child and fill their baskets with little gifts all in that one color.  Match the basket grass and ribbon trim to your chosen color!

For Adults

Don’t forget the grown ups in your life!  Possible adult themes include:

  • Gardening, barbequing or grilling, wine tasting, spa, books and movies, gourmet cooking, Italian or other specialty cooking, or coffee and tea

Step 3 – A Few Tips for Attractive Assembly!

  • Most baskets are deep, so using tissue paper, densely stuff the basket almost to the top.
  • Top the tissue with Easter grass or crinkled paper, commonly known as fluff!  Coordinate the color of the grass to what’s in the basket.
  • Arrange the items in an interesting way, taller items in the back and smaller items in front.
  • Sprinkle chocolate eggs and jelly beans between the toys.
  • Trim with a really pretty ribbon and if possible, tie a little something into the bow!

Don’t worry, if you’re interested in creating one of these baskets and if you start planning now, you’ve got plenty of time to do it right!  Happy hunting!!

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