Displaying Kids’ Artwork

Display your children’s art work with pride!

Regardless of the number of children or grandchildren in your family, it’s likely you have more “artful creations” than you can handle!   So, what do you do with these remarkable creations?  Because artwork is an on-going process, here is some advice that will help you both display and store your little Picassos!

Picture Ledges

  • Picture ledges will make your art display fluid, eliminating the need for new nail holes every time you want to change pictures.  Very attractive picture ledges are readily available at reasonable prices.  Take a look at Target’s 12″ Classic Wood Shelves and 24″ Classic Wood Shelves for gallery shelves available in white, black and brown, or Bed Bath and Beyond’s Melannco 24″ Shelf sold individually in black or white.
  • Look for a convenient place to hang your ledges.  A kitchen, play room or family room wall might work well, or perhaps a wall that encloses a staircase.


  • Format Frames – “Format” frames by MCS are a terrific option.  These frames come in a wide variety of sizes, have glass panes and are really inexpensive.  The best feature of these frames is the black cardboard backing.  I just mount the artwork directly onto the backing and replace the glass cover.  The black background sets off the art work and looks very professional.  These frames can be purchased at Michael’s Craft Store or at Get Smart Products ( see Get Smart Products, Format Frames).  The sizes range from 4″x6″ to 16″x20″ with nine sizes in between!
  • Note:  Keep in mind that MCS frames recommended above, feature glass panes. You will need to determine if this is a hazard for your family and might not be appropriate in your playroom or other busy spot in your home.  Frames with Plexiglas are also available.  Whichever way you go, consider using that “blue sticky stuff” to tack the frames onto the ledge for added security.
  • Lil Davinci Art Cabinets – Another great choice for kids’ artwork is Li’l Davinci Art Cabinets!  These unique frames open like a cabinet, from the front, and can hold up to 50 sheets of paperwork!  Spring loaded corners hold the art in place and make it incredibly easy to change your display, whether seasonally or as new creations arrive!  Brilliant! (Pictured at top.)

Scallop Document BoxChange Your Artwork Often

Once you have set up your display, change your artwork often!  As new pieces come in, switch out the old!  In order to store the artwork that’s switched out, pick up an artist’s portfolio for each child , adding the “retired” pieces into their own portfolio.

  • Lillian Vernon Expandable Portfolio Lillian Vernon* offers a colorful portfolio for storing artwork, as well as awards, projects and more! (Lillian Vernon,  Expandable portfolio memories)
  • Paper Source Storage Box – Paper Source* is another terrific resource for storage boxes that are attractive and practical!  (Paper Source, Scallop Document Box)

Choosing to display your children’s artwork in a more permanent way will make your children feel special and honored! Don’t hesitate to start an art gallery showcasing the greatest artists you’ll ever know!

Do you have an idea for displaying your children’s artwork?  I’d love to hear!

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2 responses to “Displaying Kids’ Artwork”

  1. At http://www.MyKidsArtOnCanvas.com you can turn your kids’ artwork into unique masterpieces on canvas. They offer many fun design options to personalize your kid’s canvas art – from borders to your own captions to frames and so much more! It is a really fun way to create unique gifts as well as encourage kids’ creativity and boost their self-esteem.

  2. Elizabeth Maness says:

    I agree with changing the artwork often. Our daughters create enough art to have a continual rotation. My favorite is during Halloween, as their images of pumpkins are a nice, personal decoration for our home.

    I started to scan their art and make copies (for each grandparent) and send them in these photo insert cards: http://www.studiostyle.com/photo-insert-cards.aspx

    Since they are “photo frame” style cards, my MIL just pins them to a cork board and they look like cute little paper frames with the art inside.

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