Disney Enchanted Princess Birthday Party Theme and Ideas

Host a Disney “Enchanted” Birthday Party!

The creativity of Disney is amazing and the movie, “Enchanted” was an excellent example of just that!  This fabulous and funny movie caters to adults and children alike with its music, story line and hilarious jokes aimed at its own Disney culture!  The newness of “Enchanted” and its unique princess heroine, Giselle, make this movie the perfect theme for your daughter’s next birthday party!

Invitations and Paper Goods for an “Enchanted” Party

Major party supply retailers are offering the basics in party ware.  At Celebrate Express you’ll find paper goods (pictured at top), decorations and some small favors.  But of course, Busy Bee readers are expecting more than that, so here goes!

Inviting Birthday Party Invitations

For invitations with a bit of pizzazz, take a look at these perfectly princess-y choices at Fine Stationery!

  • Die Cut Princess – this cute princess invitation is just right for the younger party goers! (Die Cut Princess Invitation, 10 for $41, pictured at right)
  • Pink Tiara – setting the tone for princesses everywhere, this die cut tiara is another pretty choice! (Die Cut Tiara Invitationicon, 10 for $46)
  • Castle Cake – this invitation is my favorite as it combines a beautiful castle and a fancy birthday cake, complete with turrets and pennants that can be monogrammed! (Royal Cake Invitation, 10 for $48)

Goddess Tiara EachFor the Crafty and Creative

  • Print your party information on a simple pink card and attach the card to an actual tiara with a pretty ribbon!  Encourage guests to don their tiaras on the party day! At SHinDigZ, you can pick up really cute tiaras for a song! (Princess Mya Tiara)
  • Create invitations shaped like a princess’s fancy hat!  Cut out large triangles from colored card stock and decorate with faux jewels and gold trim.  Inscribe party details onto the hat and trim with a piece of tulle at the top! For all of the matierals you’ll need, purchase an easy craft kit such as this Princess Hat Craft Kit.

Disney “Enchanted” Birthday Party Menu

When planning a menu for a truly “Enchanted” party, think lady like and pink!  Tea sandwiches, pink lemonade, fresh strawberries and edible magic wands!  You can easily create “magic wands” from large pretzel rods, drizzled with melted white chocolate that has been tinted in pretty colors and decorated with sprinkles, colored sugars and sugar candy decorations (the kind you find in the cake decorating section of the grocery store!).

If you need to serve more conventional party fare, take a look at Fun Children’s Birthday Party Menu Ideas)

Prepare An “Enchanted” Dessert

Enchanted Castle Cake Pan

Tiara Cake – for this finale, bake two circular cakes in two different sizes.  Stack the smaller on top and frost both layers with pink icing and decorate with pink and white candies.  The finishing touch is the placement of an actual tiara on the top!  Alternatively, purchase a Princess Crown Cake Pan from Celebrate Express.

Castle Cake – this one requires a bit more effort, but is very cute!  Purchase a cake pan in the shape of a castle and decorate as you wish! (Enchanted Castle Cake Pan)

Some simple Ideas strawberries with chocolate dipping sauce, strawberry ice cream, pink jello with whipped cream or vanilla pudding tinted pink!

Fun “Enchanted” Birthday Party Activities

Mouse Hunt – one of the cutest scenes in the movie occurs when Giselle (a la Snow White) calls for woodland animals to help her clean up her hero’s NYC apartment!  But since she’s in Manhattan, the real life animals that appear to help are mice and pigeons!  Either in your home or yard, hide a few dozen little mice!  These aren’t terribly cute, but I think with the addition of a pink bow on their tails, little girls will be thrilled to seek them out! (Halloweenstore, $9.99 for 12!)

Magic Wands

  • craft magic wands with cardboard stars, colorful drinking straws and ribbons!  Plan to have two stars for each wand, glue ribbon streamers between the two stars, along with the straw.  Have the girls go to town with decorations like glitter glue, sequins, small beads and more on the surfaces of the star!  If the guests are on the younger side, provide a fun selection of stickers!
  • or purchase a magic wand craft kit such as this one offered by Oriental Trading, Magic Glitter Wand Craft Kit

Pass the Tiara – you can play a “Pass the Tiara” version of “Hot Potato,” or try my personal favorite, Pass the Present!

Watch “Enchanted” or Listen to the Soundtrack – the soundtrack, which features three Oscar nominated songs, is now available (Hannah Montana) and the DVD version is also now available (Hannah Montana: The Movie)!  Both movies and songs are great party fillers!

Disney “Enchanted” Party Favors

Enchanted Princess Giselle Doll

Giselle Dolls – you can purchase very sweet 12” Giselle dolls at the Disney Store for $12.50! Or through Amazon, Disney Enchanted Giselle Doll

Giselle T-Shirts – also from the Disney Store, are actually very stylish t-shirts that would be great if you’re hosting this party for the slightly older set!  Two versions are available, one in pink and the other in peach, each with their own design! ($9.50/each)

Tiaras – if you didn’t use the tiara idea (above) for your invitation, a tiara will make a terrific party favor! (Princess Mya Tiara)

Books – There are several nice Disney “Enchanted” books including a Enchanted (Reusable Sticker Book ($6.99), Enchanted: A Storybook Life ($3.99), Enchanted (Junior Novelization) ($4.99) and a very well reviewed Enchanted Look and Find Book, offering lots of entertainment as children study 8 different scenes looking for listed items ($7.98)!

Wrap it Up

Make sure that your guests head home with all of their totally “enchanting” crafts and favors!  And don’t be surprised to have some serious adult fans at your celebration!

P.S. Don’t forget to take a look at Busy Bee’s all inclusive Guide to Hosting a Successful Birthday Party in Your Home!

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