Decorating Your Patio or Home with Unique Tin Lanterns!

lanternsTin Lanterns for Your Home or Patio!

Consider a Collection

Last summer, I fell in love with tin lanterns that had been hand crafted using recycled soda cans and canned foods!  And of course, I needed not one, but five of these!  Outdoors, I hung them from the arms of my patio table umbrella and later, inside, I clustered all five on a wooden tray in the center of my dining room table.   The wonderful shapes and bright colors were so appealing that I received tons of compliments on these unique tin lanterns!

Creative Fillings

My lantern collection is still one of my favorites, but this summer, I’m trying to think outside of the box – or in other words, what else could I fill the lanterns with besides a votive candle?  It didn’t take long before I thought of sea shells or sea glass, fresh lemons or limes or tiny potted plants?  How about a small section of fresh, green grass cut from your yard with faux eggs or birds tucked between the blades?  In fact, you can bring a fresh look to any lantern that you already own by just rethinking what goes inside!

Where to Purchase

Take a look at Viva Terra for misprint lanterns in two sizes and on sale! 

And for another variation on the fun, ethnic feel of these tin lanterns, consider picking up some of Viva Terra’s outdoor hanging lanterns!  These are equally fabulous, but just don’t feature the glass sides!

tealightsAnd whether you start a new collection or gather together an eclectic assortment of lanterns that you already own, you’ll bring a new look to your environment!

P.S.  When I display my lanterns on the patio, I always use the rechargeable LED tea lights that look like the real votive candles, just witout the flame!  It’s safer and windproof!

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    Thanks for this great post. Patio lanterns can create a wonderful atmosphere on your garden patio.

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