Create Your Own Cookbook!

cookbook.jpgTip of the Week – Publish Your Own Cookbook

No, this isn’t another school fundraiser, but a wonderful means for creating a family heirloom!  The “Pressto Cookbook Kit” allows you to gather your favorite recipes from shoe boxes, notebooks, kitchen drawers and Grandma’s memory and create a beautiful, professional quality cookbook!  The kit includes software, a linen covered binder, an archival slipcase to store the cookbook, paper, dividers and stickers.

The Perfect Gift

The gift giving possibilities of a custom made cookbook are many.  It’s obviously a fabulous wedding shower gift, but how about for a college graduate headed to a first apartment?  Or as the highlight of a family reunion?  Or for a special anniversary? 

Keep this unique and special gift in mind as you approach the various milestones in family life! (, red or black, $60)

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