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Tip of the Week – Conversation Heart History

Sweetheart’s Conversation Hearts candies are almost synonymous with Valentine’s Day!  As for me, I’ve made refrigerator magnet frames out of the boxes, filled glass urns with hundreds of these colorful hearts to hold pillar candles and used the candies as invitations to a coffee party at my house!

While my uses are pretty modern, these candies date back to the 1860’s when one of the first printed sayings was a simple, “Be Mine!”  In the years since, the phrases have kept up well with the changing times!  Here’s a quick summary of expressions of love through the decades:

  • 1920’s:  The One I Love
  • 1950’s:  Hep Cat
  • 1960’s:  Far Out
  • 1970’s:  🙂
  • 1996:    Fax Me
  • 1998:    You Go Girl
  • 2000:    2000 Kisses
  • 2001:    U R A Star
  • 2002:    Te Amo
  • 2003:    Book Group
  • 2004:    I M Me
  • 2005:    #1 Fan
  • 2006:    ILU
  • 2007:    Top Dog
  • 2008:    Chill Out
  • 2009:    Top Chef
  • 2010:     Tweet Me
  • 2011:     Awesome
  • 2012:

I wonder what sayings we have to look forward to in the future?  Conversation hearts are such a fun way to mark trends and social changes!

I’d love to hear your own ideas!  Happy Valentine’s Day from Busy Bee!

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