Color Trends for 2010

coloranswerbookColor Trends for 2010!

Each year, we’re treated to a wonderful array of new trends, ranging from food to fashion to color!  Color predictions, in particular, have always held great fascination for me!  What will we be seeing in home furnishings?  Clothing?  Paint colors?  The answer is delivered every January from a company called the Pantone Color Institute!

Pantone Colors

Pantone has been around for 45 years, first creating a color spectrum that allowed industry wide color matching and now providing the definitive word on the year’s color to watch!  The color of the year is a product of study on how color influences thought, emotion and physical reactions taken into consideration with the current social climate.

2009 – Mimosa

For example, the color of the year for 2009 was Mimosa – a warm, optimistic yellow reflecting hope in a time of political change and economic uncertainty – just think of Michelle Obama’s inauguration ensemble!

2008 – Iris

In 2008, the winner was Iris, a shade of deep blue with hints of purple.  The blue was felt to be reassuring in a complicated world and the purple added a mystical and spiritual touch!

2010 – Turquoise

So without further ado, the color for 2010 is a gorgeous turquoise blue!  Turquoise, according to Pantone, “combines the serene qualities of blue with the invigorating aspects of green.”  Like the turquoise waters of tropical islands, this color is said to be soothing and provide an escape from the everyday world.

Get ready to see turquoise appearing in clothing, jewelry, home accessories, wallpapers and paints and so much more in the year ahead!

And if you’re as intrigued by this world of color as much as I am, take a look at the fun products that have been inspired by the 3000 Pantone colors!

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