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New Airline Passenger Protection Rules

Tip of the Week:  Make the New Passenger Protection Rules Work for You!
In August of 2011, the U.S. Department of Transportation enacted new rules that compensate air travelers who have been involuntarily bumped off of a flight.  If you’ve been bumped and experience a delay of more than two hours on a domestic flight or […]

Perfectly Pack Your Suitcase

Tip of the Week:  Efficient Suitcase Packing!
Given the extra fees and hassle associated with checking a suitcase on your next flight, save yourself a lot of trouble by packing just one, checkable bag!  Here are some great tips for accomplishing just that!

Wear a Coat – Wear your bulkiest coat, sweater or jacket on the plane.  […]

Family Travel Tips for Your Universal Studios Vacation!

Make the Most of Your Trip to Universal Studios!
My family and I are just back from a six day visit to Orlando, Florida.  This is the first vacation that we have taken since the creation of Busy Bee Lifestyle and of course, I looked at everything that we did and everywhere that we went […]

How to Prepare for a Disney World or Theme Park Vacation!

Top Travel Tips For Your Next Theme Park Vacation!

Over the years, my family has enjoyed many trips to various theme parks.  Most recently we took a fabulous trip to Universal Studios, where I was reminded that being properly prepared for a theme park can make all the difference in the ultimate enjoyment of your experience.  I […]

How to Fill a Perfect Travel Kit!

How to Fill a Perfect Travel Kit!
Host Bee on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
Packing the Perfect Travel Kit!
Have you ever arrived at your destination and realized that you’ve forgotten your favorite shampoo or perhaps a razor?  Paying attention to the contents of your toiletry kit can lead to a much more enjoyable trip.  Don’t find yourself […]

Pantone Color 2011

Tip of the Week:  Meet Honeysuckel!
Honeysuckel has just been named as Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2011!  This beautiful shade of pink replaces last year’s turquoise, which was seen as the color of escape.  This year, however, honeysuckle is bold and warm, encouraging and uplifting us!  According to Pantone, we no longer need to […]

Tips for Carry-Ons!

Tips for Packing Your Carry On Bags
Most airlines today allow you to carry on a pocketbook and one tote bag or small suitcase.  Here’s what I suggest you carry on the plane when you travel:
In Your Pocketbook
Along with the usual items such as wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, lipstick, tissues, and car keys, be sure to include

Airline […]

Small Corners of Paris

Facebook Highlights –  Small Corners of Paris!

Tips on What and How to Pack for a Trip!

Perfect Packing Tips!
Here’s my tried and true method for efficiently packing your suitcase!   Each time I pack, I do it exactly the same way!  (For the fun suitcase pictured at right, see couverture.com)
Count Out the Number of Days You Will Be Away
Count out the number of days and nights you will be away.  This will […]

Discover Glamping – Enjoy Camping in Comfort and Style

Tip of the Week –  Discover Glamping!
Does the thought of camping send you running for the nearest spa?  Well, fear no more – “glamping” is the newest way to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style.  Combining two words that aren’t often heard together, glamour and camping, this new trend in vacationing offers the […]

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