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Try an Online Interior Decorator

Tip of the Week:  Try an Online Interior Decorator!

Have you ever agonized over paint chips or rearranged your furniture only to put it back exactly where you had it? Hiring an interior decorator is definitely the solution, but selecting the right one and the costs involved can be intimidating.  A perfect new answer is as […]

Tip Tuesday – Gift Giving the Smartbox Way!

Gift Giving the Smartbox Way!

So often when trying to think of a gift for someone, buying more “stuff” just doesn’t fit the bill.  If that’s the case for you, Smartbox has the perfect solution!  Smartbox is all about giving the gift of an “experience” that is specially chosen to suit the recipient.  The shopping process […]

The Mother’s Day Corsage

Tip of the Week:  The Mother’s Day Corsage!
I just read a great article in the April issue of Southern Living that wistfully reminisced about feminine traditions that have gone by the wayside – noting that some were deservedly forgotten and others worthy of revival!
Among the icons that we’ve bidden a happy farewell, the author listed […]

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Although it’s too soon to actually start cooking that special meal, I love ideas that will give me a head start on the big dinner – and while I’ve detailed a few of those suggestions in a Thanksgiving Countdown Planner, here are a few more very easy things that you can do to get ahead:

Thanksgiving Thankfulness for Kids

Tip of the Week – Share the Legend of the Five Kernels!
With Thanksgiving just days away, here is another nice way to remind your children of why we are thankful on Thanksgiving. This idea came home from school with one of my children years ago: The Legend of the Five Kernels.
The Legend of the Five […]

All About Aperitifs

Tip of the Week:  All about Apéritifs!

Aperitifs refer to the type of light cocktail served before dinner to stimulate the appetite and enhance the meal – and are chic once again!  Dating back to the mid-1800s, these cocktails are now fabulously retro and completely simple to mix up by adding soda water and a lemon […]

Vintage Menus

Tip of the Week:  Find Culinary Inspiration in Vintage Menus! 

Among the book titles on my Christmas wish list this year was Menu Design in America – a hefty, colorful coffee table-style book containing restaurant menus dating back over 125 years! I love paging through this book with its insight into society, trends and even the economy.
Clearly, […]

A Fun Movie Themed Oscars Menu

Tip of the Week:  Celebrate the Oscars with a Movie Themed Menu!

I love watching the Academy Awards and I’m trying to see as many nominated films as possible in these weeks prior to the show.  This year, I’ve done quite well – squeezing in some afternoon matinees and finding a few of the films On […]

New Airline Passenger Protection Rules

Tip of the Week:  Make the New Passenger Protection Rules Work for You!
In August of 2011, the U.S. Department of Transportation enacted new rules that compensate air travelers who have been involuntarily bumped off of a flight.  If you’ve been bumped and experience a delay of more than two hours on a domestic flight or […]

Conversation Heart History

Tip of the Week – Conversation Heart History
Sweetheart’s Conversation Hearts candies are almost synonymous with Valentine’s Day!  As for me, I’ve made refrigerator magnet frames out of the boxes, filled glass urns with hundreds of these colorful hearts to hold pillar candles and used the candies as invitations to a coffee party at my house!
While […]

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