Bring Rocks to Your Next Picnic!

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Tip of the Week – Bring Some Rocks to Your Next Picnic!

Is there an outdoor picnic or barbeque in your summer plans?  Before you head to the backyard, park or beach, gather a small pail or basket of rocks!  The rocks can be used to

  • Weigh Down Fly Away Paper Plates and Napkins –  Set a bucket of rocks on the buffet table so that guests can grab a rock along with their paper goods.
  • Identify Menu Items – Write food items on individual rocks and place them by their respective dishes.
  • Keep Your Picnic Tablecloth in Place – Use rope to tie rocks onto the corners of your tablecloth to keep it in place.

You can assign your kids the task of gathering rocks or purchase river rocks by the bag from your garden center.  Either way, you’ll be ready to enjoy a wind proof get together!

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