Boy’s 4th Birthday Party

Boy’s 4th Birthday Party!

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In response to a request for ideas on a little boy’s 4th birthday party, here are some suggestions:

Consider Having Your Party Outside the Home!

When thinking about a party for a little boy who’s turning four, my first thought is to turn and run!  Run quickly to a Chuck-e-Cheese, Gymboree, or Little gym, especially if you would like to invite a fair number of guests!  These guys are pretty small to have in your home and still require a parent’s supervision at a party.  It is definitely easiest to have your party outside of your home!

If You Have Your Heart Set on a Party at Home

However, if you have your heart set on a party at home, take my advice and follow the “age rule.”  Invite only the number of guests that equal the birthday child’s age, that is four guests for a child turning four years old.  The sky is the limit for party themes.  One idea for this age is to host an Indoor Beach Party!  This theme can be very fun in the cold of winter!  It also works for a wide variety of ages, so keep it in mind for the siblings as well!

For ideas on a fabulous beach party, take a look at my plan for a Fabulous Beach Birthday Party!

Do you have a fun idea for a boy’s 4th birthday party?  I’d love to hear!.

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