Little Girl’s 5th Birthday Party Idea

Annie's Chef Birthday Party

Little Girl’s 5th Birthday Party!

Five year olds are a lot of fun because you can actually do things with them in your own home!  When the kids are two, three and four, a party outside of your home is probably the way to go, but at five they are ready to act like real guests! Steering away from the tried and true princess themes, here’s a suggestion for a “Little Chefs” party!

Little Chef’s Party

Invite the girls to your home for no more than two hours, preferably an hour and a half.


  • Attach a printed card to a child sized kitchen utensil with a bright ribbon.  Sets of various kitchen utensils are sold in a package at most toy stores!
  • Even trickier, include the invitation information on the back of a recipe card and fill in the recipe section with a kid-friendly recipe or the birthday girl’s favorite recipe!

Party Favors

White - package of 25

  • As well as fun accessories to wear during the party, chef hats and aprons make great party favors.  Order chef hats and aprons for each guest at, a restaurant supply website.  They sell white cotton aprons for children for $2.61 each. (Item No. 33-A03) and chef hats for $.39 each (Item No. 02-H18).
  • If you are feeling crafty, you can decorate the aprons in advance, otherwise have the kids decorate them as part of the party activities.  Cute ribbon can be tied onto the apron, names can be monogrammed on, or decorate with fabric paint, buttons, and other craft materials.


  • At the party, have the girls prepare their own lunch!  Purchase pizza dough from your local pizza shop.  If you ask, they will divide the dough into personal pizza sized balls!  Have the girls roll out and shape the dough, choose toppings from a variety, and have a parent do the baking!
  • While the pizzas are cooking, have the girls work on dessert!  Let them decorate pre-made sugar cookies with icing, sprinkles, and candies.  Set aside until after lunch!
  • Finally, let the guests dip pretzel rods into melted chocolate and roll in sprinkles.  Set aside to harden, then package the pretzels in cellophane bags to take home!

Back-up Games

If you are concerned that you will have time on your hands, consider having some back up games.  These can be very simple and will be no big deal if you don’t need them!  Here are some ideas:

  • Kitchen themed bingo
  • Freeze dance
  • Hot potato with a wooden spoon or other kitchen item
  • Tricky tray – On a cute tray, put a variety of kitchen items like cookie cutters, an ice cream scoop, measuring spoons and cups, and a mini rolling pin.  Cover the items with a napkin.  Uncover the tray and let the girls look for a few seconds, then recover the tray.  The trick is for them to remember what they saw on the tray!

Hints for a More Successful Party

  • Have lots of paper plates handy, along with a pen.  This way you can write the child’s name on the plate that is holding their cookies or pretzels!
  • Check with parents about food allergies.
  • Have extra adult hands!  The cooking will require adult attention, so you’ll need help assisting the guests.

Do you have a great idea for a little girl’s 5th birthday party?  I’d love to hear!

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7 responses to “Little Girl’s 5th Birthday Party Idea”

  1. Recipe Girl says:

    like your ‘Hints for a More Successful Party’ section.

  2. Jen Jean says:

    You can create invites at with your little girl in a chef’s hat!

  3. Cerri says:

    This is a darling idea for a little girl’s party! The aprons are just darling!
    Thank you for the links to the kitchen supply shop!

  4. Mariana says:

    i`mlive in Argentina.
    I`do parties to girls.
    Your ideas are fantastic.
    So sorry, my english is very poor.

  5. Hope says:

    To make cute cheap chef hats, perchase red poster board and white tissue paper. Make the poster board into a ring the size of the childs head. Then fluff up the tissue paper on top. At the party, have the kids decorate the hats for a craft too.

  6. chasidy says:

    I will giving my daughter a “Baking party” this year. We will be giving out chef hats and aprons for the kids to decorate with sponges and paints, we are playing a game of “oh Waiter” the children will divide in 2 teams with a serving tray full of fake desserts and one hand, the first team to make it across (all kids and most desserts) will win a large ribbon, the other team will win a smaller ribbon, we are having a cupcake decorating contest with 1st,2nd, an 3rd place winners. Also they are making their own sundaes with all the works!
    Food being served:
    *choc. covered strawberries, marshmallows, & petzels
    *mini chocolate mousse in a chocolate bowl with a choc H for my daughters name on them
    *cookies to go with theme
    *cupcakes for parents
    *cake pops to follow them
    Goody bag:
    *gel icing
    *cupcake dowel
    *edible cake toppers
    along with chef hat and apron

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