Birthday Gifts for 7 and 8 Year Olds

Terrific Birthday Gift Ideas for 7 and 8 Year Olds and Up!

Alex Wrap ‘n Ribb’n Jewelry KitBirthday Gifts For Girls

  • Wrap’n Ribbon Craft Kit – this kit by ALEX allows fashionable girls to create their own ribbon wrapped bracelets in Disney's High School Musical Mystery Date -  Hasbro Games - Toysa rainbow of colors., $12.74
  • High School Musical Mystery Date Game – This game is a spin off from the very popular Disney movie! Toys’RUs, $19.99

SkyRocket™Birthday Gifts For Boys

  • This rocket is full of fun! The Sky Rocket is made of a 20” piece of foam and is launched into the sky with a foot tab and stretch cord. This rocket can soar over 100 feet!  MonkeyBusinessSports, $20
  • What's in Ned's Head GameWhat’s in Ned’s Head Game – This is a silly and appropriately gross game.  Players fish around in Ned’s head to find crazy items that match the card that is drawn.  Blank cards are included to add your own items to Ned’s head.  Target, online only, $19.99.

Birthday Gifts For Boys and Girls

  • I’m Not Bored Anymore Art Jar is a large, colorful plastic jar filled to the brim with anything that you can imagine for creating a fun craft project!  It really has a little bit of everything!  Landofnod, $24.95.
  • PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) Game – This brain teasing game takes about 15 minutes to play and involves coming up with words that feature the letters on the cards!  Gamewright, $10.

Do you have a clever idea for a birthday gift for a 7 or 8 year old boy or girl?  I’d love to hear!

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