Fabulous Birthday Gifts for 5 Year and 6 Year Olds

Fun Birthday Gifts for 5 and 6 Year Olds and Up!

Birthday Gifts For Girls

Adorable Cupcake Charm Necklace


These necklaces fall into the “just too cute” category!  Offered with charms of a pink ice cream cone, vanilla cupcake or bright red strawberry, these adorable necklaces bear a hip brand name, Juicy Couture, and include a three inch chain extender to accommodate growing girls, retails for $42. (Matching bracelets and earrings are also available!) For a another cute and less expensive option see, Yummy 3d Cupcake with Icing Charm Necklace offered on Amazon for $19.99.

Fancy Nancy Doll and Book


Fancy Nancy is one of the latest fictional characters to arrie on the scene with her love of all things glamorous and frilly!  If your birthday girl is a budding diva, take a look at this hardcover book and soft cloth doll designed by the ever classic Madame Alexander! (Fancy Nancy Doll, $34.27; Fancy Nancy Hardcover Book, $10.52)

Princess Castle Doll House


This is a fabulous toy from the clever people at Melissa and Doug! The castle is crafted of solid wood with hand painted accents and folds for easy storage.  Even more fun are the removable turrets, balconies, flying buttresses, flag and working drawbridge!  This gift is perfect for imaginative play time!  Castle furniture and a wooden “Royal Family” are sold separately. (Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Folding Princess Castle, $70.15; Castle Furniture, $23.36; Royal Family, $16.07)

Birthday Gifts For Boys

Mighty Builders Garbage Truck!


Melissa and Doug, who create an endless array of fun toys, sell a Mighty Builders Garbage Truck.  This kit allows kids to build a truck from more than 30 pieces.  A screwdriver and a little parental help is all that is needed to construct a truck with a magnetic lift to haul all of the pretend garbage a kid can imagine!  (Mighty Builders Garbage Truck, $19.31)

P.S. A tow truck and a fire truck version are also available! (Tow Truck, $16.67; Fire Truck, $15.83)

Claim the Treasure!

    I DIG Treasures Curse of Pirate Island Excavation Adventure

This gift offers hours of fun while kids chip away at the Island to reveal its secrets.  I Dig Treasures’ Pirate’s Island includes nine hidden pirate treasures, steel hammer, chisel, safety glasses and instructions, (Claim the Treasure, $24.99)

Medieval Castle

castleSimilar to the girl’s version, this is a fantastic, folding wooden castle that features hand painted details, a trap door and working drawbridge.  Accessories to inspire creativity are also available! (Castle, $65.99; Deluxe Play Set, $15.12)


For the budding designer, these sleek and attractive model cars are comprised of interchangeable, snap together parts that allow kids to combine pieces from multiple cars to form new vehicles.  These cars are built to last and inspire imagination! (Automoblox, prices vary)

Birthday Gifts For Boys and Girls

It’s Hard to be Five


For your favorite five year old, this fun story by Jamie Lee Curtis has great illustrations and is published in hardcover.  (It’s Hard to Be Five, $11.99)

I Spy Eagle Eye!


This is a game where being observant and super fast pays off!  Four double sided boards with four different games make for new fun every time you play!  This game is colorful and unique! (I Spy Eagle Eye, $20.99)

Not Your Ordinary Building Blocks


Wooden building blocks get a sophisticated make over compliments of Muji!  Kids are no longer limited to simple shapes, but instead can “work” with city images ranging from New York City to London to Tokyo and then back to Paris !  Each city set includes wooden versions of important landmarks! (Interior Decos, $14)



This gift has it all – a wonderfully cute and cuddly stuffed “robot” animal that supports any number of well deserving charities!  Each unique Kauzbot guarantees fun and a ten percent donation to your chosen cause.  For example, if the yellow Karthy is your choice, you’ll be aiding children with Autism; the deep blue Kruz will promote clean water.  There is a perfect cause and the perfect buddy for every child – and it’s never too soon to share the goal of giving back with your children!  (kauzbots, $24.99)

Crayon “Rocks”


I just love the creative and organic feel to these rock shaped crayons!  The crayons are perfect for smaller hands and are crafted in 16 brilliant colors of soy wax that goes onto paper smoothly and is from a renewable source! (Crayon Rocks, $7.99)

Animal Headphone Wraps


This age group is definitely not too young to enjoy electronic devices that require headphones – but they are a bit young to manage the unwieldy cords.  For that reason, the charming little headphone wraps from NY City Limit are just right!  These tangle tamers are sold in cow, monkey, alligator and elephant designs! (Animal Headphone Wraps, $4.50)

Three Dimensional Doodle Kit


Improve upon the art of doodling with this inventive 3-D kit!  This kit includes the paper, pencils, compass and 3-D glasses that will allow your child’s designs to jump off of the page! (3-D Doodle Kit, $10)

Rody Max


This playful toy assures your five or six year old that they’re not too young for a ride on toy!  The inflatable Rody is now available in a size that will accommodate children aged six, right up to an adult!  This toy promises classic, bumping and jumping fun!  (And not to worry if you give it a try yourself!) (Rody Max, $99)

Do you have a fun birthday gift idea for a 5 or 6 year old?  I’d love to hear!

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