Beauty Flashback!

Beauty Flashback! Revisit the 1970’s with Me!

Perhaps it’s because my daughter is thirteen or because I was in a reminiscing mood, but I recently found myself recalling something that was a big thrill in my early teenage years  –Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific!  This distinctive shampoo was the one everyone used and we probably overwhelmed the general public with the unique scent!

I figured that the shampoo was a thing of the past until I was paging through this month’s In Style Magazine (InStyle Makeover, Fall 2007, page 184) and had to laugh – there was my old favorite gracing the pages of a hip magazine!

From thinking about Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific to discovering that you could still buy it, I traveled back in time to a few of the other products that rocked my teenage world!  What about Love’s Baby Soft Perfume (I also loved the lemon version),  Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, Sweet Earth solid perfume and Tickle deodorant?

Could you still buy these 1970’s favorites?  Well, the answer is yes!  A quick “Google” search turned up sources for each that I’ve mentioned, with the exception of Tickle, which no longer seems to be in production!  At the risk of totally dating myself, I thought that I’d share this trip down memory lane with Busy Bee readers!

What would you add to my list of beauty products?  I’d love to know what reminds you of your teenage years!  Write back and reminisce with me!

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88 responses to “Beauty Flashback!”

  1. Lisa says:

    Just happened to visit the Vermont Country Store today, and in a fit of nostalgia (I’m a 70s girl, born in 1962 so the 70s were my teen years) purchased Flicker razors and Body on Tap shampoo!!! I happened on your post and decided to stop and think about some of my favorite 70s products. I too loved Tickle deodorant with “the big wide ball” – the citrus scent was my favorite, and I was seriously bummed when they stopped making it. I also loved Alyssa Ashley Musk Oil (which I still wear occasionally today!); Maybelline Kissing Slicks (remember those roll-on clear flavored lip glosses?); Lemon Up shampoo (there’s never been a better lemon scent in a shampoo in my opinion – it was awesome); the original Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo; Sweet Earth solid perfume (loved the jasmine one!); Masumi perfume by Coty (I found an almost empty bottle of this at my parents’ house about two years ago, took one whiff, and had an instant, visceral memory of my first date/kiss, so I guess I wore it that night!); Jovan Musk (who DIDN’T wear this one?) and also Woman by Jovan (smelled very sexy and grown-up to my 18-year old self); Cover Girl makeup, powder and blush (which all smelled like Noxzema, a major scent memory from my teen years); Bonne Bell Ten-O-Six Lotion (come on, you know you used it – remember fanning your face because of all the alcohol?? We probably destroyed our skin with that stuff!); Bonne Bell Lip Smackers that were about three or four times the size they are today – these current ones are the size of a Chap-Stik, but the originals in the 70s were HUGE; Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo (another one I still use today)….the list could go on forever. It was a great time to be a teenage girl, and the beauty products RULED!!

  2. Another Lisa says:

    Reading these posts reminded me of something else that I used to use a lot of — Sea Breeze! I loved the smell!

    Anybody know what the list of ingredients are for these products? Or where I could find them without having to purchase them online? I’m wondering if they’ve been reformulated over the years to include today’s petroleum based preservatives and foaming agents, or if they still contain ingredients from the 70’s (which I have no idea if they’re good or not! )

  3. Debi says:

    I loved Faberge Organics Wheat Germ & Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Ironically, my daughter is 13 and tonight we were talking about shampoo (Herbal Essence which has 8 scents nowdays – but, not the original). I am trying to remember the brand name of a line of shampoo (there were four (4) scents and they were marketing a small, clear containers with a kind of jar lid with a tab on the top you had to twist). I do remember two of the scents: green apple and peach.

    It really does not seem like that long ago. I was born in 1961. I still think the 70’s were the most fun years for me.


  4. Lisa Renee says:

    How about Flex conditioner(Revlon), Pearl Drops tooth polish, Charlie perfume? You can still buy these items from what I can tell. I’ve jogged my memory now! I was born in ’56 and graduated high school in 1975 – what memories!

  5. Jeanna says:

    Well I happened upon this website after thinking about Jontue perfume that me & my best friend used to wear in 1977 til about 1980. I was born in ’64 & the 70s are such great memories for me…especially the music and the Beauty products! I did a search on Jontue & found you can still purchase it! I have to get it & smell that again! I also remember very fondly me & another friend shampooing our hair outside with the waterhose using Lemon Up shampoo. Another memory is Flex Shampoo/Conditioner, Jovan Grass Oil and Jungle Gardenia colognes and of course the Musk, the Hot Rollers, lighted make-up mirror, roll on lip gloss, etc.

  6. grady says:

    Not just the original herbal essence shampoo, but the body splash had the same great green/herbal scent. i would douse myself with the stuff. i havent been able to find anything close to that great scent. i also loved faberge organics wheatgerm oil and honey shampoo. the original flex balsam shampoo and conditioner. skinny dip cologne, in lemon, strawberry and original scent. dippity do hair setting gel, strawberry musk perfume oil, avon’s roses roses cologne. i was born in 1958 and graduated high school in 1976. the style of the day was levis elephant bell bottoms, earth shoes and halter tops.

  7. Lisa W says:

    What about Head Shampoo…or Short and Sassy to properly cleanse your Dorothy Hamill hairdo! Remember Blue Jean cologne? Just reading the posts is making me giggle at the memories lol. Man…remember the bright mint green or ice blue eye shadow?? 😀

  8. Mel M says:

    What about Milk Plus 6? But Lemon-Up, Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific, Original Herbal Essence and Tame were the best. I loved the original Agree because in the summer when you would jump in pool the scent would really come out. I remember Body on Tap too. There was a group of Clairol shampoos that had clear round tab tops and they were in different fruit scents. I used the Lime. Man those were the days. I was 13 the summer of 77 and thought that if I used Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific, Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers, Ten Oh Six facial cleanser, and Love’s Baby Soft I would win the heart of Shaun Cassidy. Dang , i think I just gave myself another gray hair. 🙂

  9. Betsy says:

    I loved Silkience shampoo! It had this wonderful smell and weird but wonderful consistency! Can you even buy it anymore? I also had these Bonne Bell products that smelled divine. I can’t remember the name of them but they had this fresh green scent that I have never smelled again! I had a deodorant, I know. I loved lip smackers, the little metal containers with flavored lip gloss and the top slid back and forth across the container. They were rectangular in shape. My mother always smelled like Ten Oh Six. I loved the sweet smell. I also had this fried egg compact from Avon that had two different colored lip glosses inside when you unscrewed the yolk! Too fun!!!! Thanks for the memories!!!

  10. brenda says:

    i would like you all to know that the gee your hair smells terrific shampoo and coonditioner that you can buy at the vermont country store is not the real one from the 70’s. That one was manufactured by Jergens the one they sell now is not.

  11. Melinda says:

    I remember Blue Jeans cologne and Ten O Six astringent (toners and astringents were the in thing then) I guess they still are now…….I also loved Kissing Slicks in bubblegum flavor. I also still love Jean Nate Body Splash

  12. chris says:

    Does anyone remember a perfume by Coty named Paris?? It had a light powdery smell that always made me feel good, I wonder if it’s still being made and where I would look for it??

  13. Host Bee says:

    Hi Chris – I scouted around a bit on the internet for your old favorite perfume without any luck! What I did come across were some vintage bottles and packaging on Ebay, but that was it! If you’d really like to pursue this one, send an email to The Vermont Country Store which regularly revives old products at customer’s requests. When I checked that site for you, I found 3 other Coty perfumes from the past, but just not the one you were looking for! Good luck, Susan, Your Host Bee!

  14. Holly says:

    I just happened upon this site and had to say something. I loved the Lemon Up shampoo. It was my all time favorite. Not only did it smell good but it cleaned my hair like no other. I can still smell it all these years later. The shampoo that Debi mentioned was Sunshine Harvest shampoo. It came with a lid with a circular tab that you used to twist off the lid. It came in about 6 different scents like strawberry, apple etc…. I was another of my favorits. I did use the ten 0 six lotion too. Bonne Bell was the thing back then. It was always advertised in Teen magazine which I subscribed to for many years. Oh the memories. I want to go back to 1976!!!!!!!

  15. C says:

    My favorites were Herbal Essence shampoo because it smelled EXACTLY like grass. I wish they would bring it back, it was wonderful. Also, nothing has ever worked as well on my hair as Agree conditioner. Why do they keep removing good products and replacing them with terrible ones?!?!

  16. Mary Rucker says:

    OH YES! How i wish I had the Clairol herbal essence body splash! I would wash my long brown naturally wavy hair, put on a scoop necked black danskine leotard. Slip on my jeans belted with a silver Indian chain belt, put my FAMALAR sandals on, and finish it off with Clairol herbal essence body splash!I felt and looked like a garden of earthly delights.

  17. Lisa says:

    If anyone knows where I can purchase Lemonup shampoo I would greatly aprreciate it. It seems it was available through Vermont Country Store but no longer is. I loved the easy going summery lemon smell.

  18. The other Lisa says:

    The lip balm with the sliding lid were Lip Lickers by Village Bath Products

    Skinny Dip perfume
    Blue Jeans perfume
    Loves baby soft/fresh lemon
    Kissing slicks And Kissing Sticks-sooo sweet way better than Lip Smackers
    Gee your hair…..
    Rose Milk
    aquamanda perfume/bubble bath
    Sunshine Harvest
    Yucca Dew
    Earth Born-loved it
    the REAL Herbal Essence
    Max Factor Lip Potion
    Tame Creme Rinse
    Sweet Earth

  19. Missy says:

    I loved AGREE shampoo and conditioner – all of the different fragrances. I miss TICKLE deoderant – that was the best. BLUE JEANS – wow, such a frightening fragrance, but I loved it. Also, Carter’s SPANKY PANTS – the tulip flowered cotton briefs. I wore those under my Jordache (you’ve got the look) jeans, and homemade ribbon barrettes in my hair, and friendship pins on my original nikes. Hot. And I had dozens of those little tins of lip smackers lip gloss – the ones in the tins, not the tubes. The original Avon “clearskin” – not at all like what they have now – got me through the teen years because Ten-o-six was too strong for my sensitive skin. I loved standing in the shampoo aisle sniffing out everything – the original Vidal Sassoon in the round brown plastic bottles, all of the scents of Flex (with balsam and protein).

  20. Debbie says:

    I loved the Original Shampoo and Conditioner and the Body Splash. I was so upset when they switched the line over to what it is now. I had more compliments with the way my hare smelled and my hair loved this product, it actually grew. The body splash, I loved that too. I loved the clean scent of the herb and it made the guys wild. More compliments and more dates when I used it.
    I too was a fan of Love’s Baby Soft Line, Musk, Strawberry oil and Wind Song. Use a Frost and Tip kit to put blonde streaks in my black hair, put on the bell bottom hip huggers, halter top, brush my teeth with Close-up or use Binaca if I did not have time and head to the nearest record store, where all they carried was music, not a music department at Wal-Mart , to find some new 45s or even an LP, nothing like the sound of hot wax

  21. electrical says:

    Does anyone know where I can find Moonwind perfume by Avon or the scent (INGREDIANTS )IN IT AND WHY DID THEY CANCEL IT?I found Flex conditoner at my dollar store.I miss Rain Barrel Shampoo from the 60s- yes I am Dinasour.

  22. CINDY CHURCH says:


  23. Dolly says:

    I want the Milk plus six shampoo Too!!! I also loved the Flame-Glo Peppermint roll on lip gloss, remember that. It was a little clear glass bottle with yellow clear peppermint lip gloss. It tasted so good on your lips too. I also miss Faberge Organics shampoo and Ten O Six Lotion…What I’d give to use that stuff today!!! Does anyone remember Fuzzy Wuzzy bear soap?? It grew hair in the middle of the night!!! It was so cool!!! Bonne Bell also made a Peppermint lip smacker at one time… anyone know if it’s still out there? Not make up stuff,…but does anybody remember Rootbeer ice sticks?? They came in the clear plastic long sticks of ice pops in the coolers?? Where did all the Rootbear pops go anyway!!!!!!

  24. Carolyn says:

    Brings back so many memories… But I’m tormented trying to remember the name of a perfume (or body oil) from the 70’s that I absolutely loved. If I can’t find the answer here, well I’ll have to give up my search! It was an herbal scent in a small dab on bottle. The fragrance itself was green (or the bottle was). It was called something like “Colonial Herbal Gardens”. Does this ring a bell to anyone here?

  25. Fran says:

    Chris I think the perfume you were looking for by Coty was called Evening in Paris

  26. Tammy says:

    I can attest to the fact that the GYHST shampoo & conditioner sold at the Vermont Country Store is NOT the original formula. It smells good, but it’s definitely not the original scent. Therefore, it’s not worth the $14.95 + shipping per 12 oz. bottle I paid for! Someone mentioned picking up a bottle of Jontue, don’t bother because even if you can find it in the store, it’s not the same scent from the 70s. I picked up a vintage bottle on eBay and it was definitely the original – even after all these years. The newer version is very sharp and disappointing. I guess I’ll just have to live with my memories of these old loves. ((Heavy Sigh))

  27. Betsy says:

    I really miss the actual herbal essence the new version doesn’t do the name justice! In the summer of 9 th grade I stayed with my aunt in ligonier. I had earned money picking strawberries and bought my absolute favorite shampoo Village Peach, only available in Penneys at the makeup counter and in drug stores. I remember filling her. Big tub ( the kind with legs) and washing my hair, filling the room with a glorius peach scent! Also remember bring able to go to the drugstore and buying baby oil that they mixed with iodine so we could go to our favorite sunning spot and litterally fry ourselves.!! Boy! Those were the days we were still kind of innocent but were pretty cool too! Ha ha well kind of!
    And by the way I would love it if they would bring back the original scent of Herbal Esscence!!!

  28. Emma says:

    All I can say is come to Cleveland.

    First, Bonne Bell’s factory is in Lakewood (15 mins from Cleveland); they have a big “garage sale” the first Saturday of June and December where you can get Lip Smackers and Ten-O-Six. And, yes, they DO have the HUGE Lip Smackers– I’ve got several.

    Second, we’ve got a chain of drug stores here called Drug Mart, which is known for carrying odd items that you just can’t find anywhere else. Drug Mart carries Love’s Baby Soft, Jovan Musk Oil, and Prell. I distinctly remember them carrying the original green Herbal Essence (not to mention sanitary belts, oy) well into the mid-80s.

    Third, there’s a general store in Oberlin (30 mins west of Cleveland) that carries the original Flex with balsam and protein. Judging by how often they rotate their stock (or don’t, as the case may be), these bottles may have been sitting there for the past 10 years and may be the original formula.

    We’ve also got a Swenson’s Drive-In just a town over, if that persuades you to come…

  29. chocco says:

    The mention of so many of my favorite beauty products brings back great memories. I recently saw a Yardley Slicker ad on YouTube and it took me right back to being 16 again!
    I loved the original Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo. I used it the day I was married.
    Also, my husband (boyfriend at the time) used Body on Tap. I remember telling him I didn’t want to smell like beer on my wedding day! Cachet by Prince Machiabelli was my wedding day fragrance, but I also loved Jovan Musk Oil. I loved Lemon Up shampoo and they also made a skin care product by the same name, but my all time fave was Bonne Bell Ten-0-Six. I visited the Bonne Bell factory in Lakewood, Ohio in 1976. It was fantastic and they gave me lots of products. Does anyone remember a product made by Ponds that was the first gel facial cleanser? It was green and smelled heavenly. My girlfriends and I got it a Walgreens. Oh well, it’s fun reminiscing.

  30. Jennie says:

    The Ponds gel product was Fresh Start. I loved the scent of that too.

  31. Kim Thomas says:

    I’m thrilled to read these posts about products from the 70’s! I miss the old products and am excited to find I can still purchase a few of them. I loved “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” shampoo, Silkience, Flex, Wella-Balsam, Earth Born (Apple, Apricot & strawberry scents), Body on Tap, lip gloss with rollar ball applicators, Marathon candy bars, whacky wafers, candy lipstick, Beefy Mac and Jungle Juice. Camay Soap was another old favorite. Man those were the days!

  32. Karen says:

    I cannot remember the name of a shampoo from about 1975-1976 that was in a small cylinder bottle with a round silver top. It was purchased at better department stores. It was light red/pink, and smelled like cherry and had little beads in it, I think conditioner beads. It may have been a cosmetic name brand.
    I can still smell it, that’s how good it was but not sure of brand. I keep thinking it began with a B or P.
    Does anyone remember a shampoo like this?
    I used all the other shampoo’s as well, Lemmon Up, Wheatgerm and Honey, Breck, Herbal Essence, but the one I can’t remember was my favorite.
    It smelled like the St. Ives Jojoba did from the 80’s, or as close as it gets.
    If I could only remember the brand names of cosmetics other than Max Factor, Revlon etc, it might give me a clue.
    Anyone have any ideas or remember this shampoo? I think that there may have been a few other scents with conditioner beads available by the maker, and the red/pink with beads was one scent.

  33. Bea Oettinger says:

    Ever since 1967, I was a faithful user of Jean Nate’ After Bath Splash. A year or so ago, the formula was changed and I find that the new composition of it is not pleasant. I bought two bottles at different places in the past year, & both have extra ingredients listed that were not in the truly original formula. Has anyone else had this experience with Jean Nate’? Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase bottles of the original formula? I would so appreciate knowing any information that might help. Thank you very much!

  34. Karen says:

    Does anywone remember lip gloss in the little square containers? You could get them in Peach,strawberry & watermelon! I still remember the taste & smell of them.

  35. Melissa says:

    I would love to have again: Jovan Frankincense & Myrrh perfume and Village Bath Musk Bubble Bath. Also the original Herbal Essence shampoo. A lot of the perfumes that don’t smell the same now are reformulated because of recent EU rules that ban a lot of ingredients due to “allergy problems”.

  36. Joy says:

    OMG – Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific in the purple bottle. I loved that smell…brings back so many memories. How about Levi jeans with the tag on the back. Some girls would pen out their waist size? Frye boots….Mia clogs…argyle socks….. Noxema …… those “tinfoil” blankets we used to lay on in the sun….Those huge combs we used to let show out of our pants pockets….. So many memories… oh yes, and Peter Frampton posters and Mad Magazine and Teen magazine and Bobby Sherman…….

  37. debbie says:

    Looking for musk ,from the 1970s early 80s it was a black bottle with i think a silver top, im sure it was a spray,I think the bottle was flat backed.It could not be expensive I was 15 at the time.Mt absolute favorite. I agree that agree shampoo was the best smelling shampoo,and miss the bonnie bell lip gloss,bubs daddy gum!! Hope someone can help>

  38. Denece says:

    My birthday is today and I am 49.I found this website looking for a certain perfume of the past to make me feel young again!! It came in a rectangle compact and had four solid creams you rubbed your finger over and then applied. It may have been by Coty and the fragrances were watermelon and other fruits I think. Or maybe I have this mixed up (I am pretty old) and it was really lip gloss but I don’t think so.Can any one remember it and what it was called?

  39. Susan says:

    Remember “Small Miracle” shampoo from the early 80’s? It wasn’t around for very long, but loved it.

    I also remember a shampoo from the 70’s called something like “Every Night Astringent Shampoo”. Anyone remember it?

    How about “Ice O Derm”, an acne treatment which was a menthol-scented clear gel?

  40. Tammy says:

    I had very bad acme when I was young, then I discovered ice-o-derm and my face clear up so beautiful. I used it for over twenty years then it disappeared off the market. My daughters also loved it when they were teens. We have looked for it for years but to no avail. People always asked me what do I do to my face because even today at age 71 my skin has stayed clear and wrinkle free. I believe it was from all the years of using ice-o-derm twice a day that has kept me looking younger than my years, plus how cheap it was compared to today’s products for the face.

  41. Brenda says:

    Ilove these memories! Do you guys remember the lip glosses that were in a chap-stick sized tube that was an aqua/baby blue in watermelon or another flavor? How about the adam’s green apple, teaberry or grape gum? Sunrise orange soda?huge revlon eyeshadow duos???

  42. Kelly says:

    Does anyone remember the dry shampoo spray called Psssssst? Boy did I make use of that when my mom wouldn’t let me wash my hair every day! Looking for a bottle of musk, off brand perhaps, circa 1976, in a little bottle shaped like a ball. That was the best smelling musk ever… I also remember Nivea cream, the original. It was thick and greasy. Loved Touch of Sweden hand lotion. My third grade teacher Miss Rogers who wore a beautiful pirate sleeve blouse, had it on her desk and she always let me use it…

  43. Debi says:

    I’m trying to remember the name of an early 1970’s fragrance – round green bottle with a silver top – I think the name had the word “rain” in it. The scent was very fresh and clean. Does anyone remember this.

  44. Tere says:

    I saw the Pssssssst Dry Shampoo at Walgreens just last week! I had stocked up on 10-O-6 Lotion while the stores still carried it, but now I’m hoarding the bottles I have left…I’m afraid to use it all up now. Boy do I love the way it smells, and nothing out there smells the same. Or works the same, I can’t tell you how many different astrigents I’ve bought since, trying to find one that takes off makeup as well as 10-0-6. And I remember maybe 8 years ago, a new Kroger opened up and had the original Herbal Essence shampoo on the shelf…I bought a couple of bottles thinking they were stocking it all the time. Nope, went back and it was all gone.

    Boy do I miss the beauty products of the 70’s!! 🙂

  45. mary jo says:

    One that I miss is Max Factor Green Apple cologne. It came in a frosted glass bottle shaped like an apple. It was very popular when I was in high school. Just the thought of the scent takes me right back to the 70’s. I wish they still made it.

  46. Diane says:

    Does anyone remember or know where I can find Wheat Germ lotion that was sold in the 70’s…I don’t recall the name of it, but it smelt really good, and I like the way it felt on your skin, there wasn’t a Walmart then, I got it at a drug store. Thanks

  47. Lynne Pennington says:

    Like some other folks on here, I stumbled across the site doing a nostalgia search for some old favs. Makes me wonder what Herbal Essence was thinking when they got rid of the original scent. They lost both my husband and myself as customers. Maybe we should all call their customer service dept. LemonUp, Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific, Body on Tap—-oh my our hair smelled great back then, and was terrifically clean and healthy to boot. What I remember was a cologne called (I think) Yardley of London, or maybe that was just the company. I can find some Yardley stuff, but not that scent that I loved. Will go check out Vermont Company Store now and thanks for the memories!

  48. Meredtih says:

    Tammy, I believe the product you’re talking about is called Phisoderm. It was prescribed by many dermatologists during the 70s to clear up acne. You can still buy it today is many drugstores.

  49. Carolyn says:

    I recently purchased psssssst for my kids to try, thinking it would be really convenient for those rushed days, and remembering how popular it was back then. Well the smell is absolutely horrible…really, really strong.

  50. Cheri says:

    Has anyone remembered the musk oil in the black bottle Debbie has asked about? I also would love to find the name.

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