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Spring Cleaning – Basic Skincare 101

Ahh Spring, time to ship shape with cleansing abound.  And we aren’t talking about sweeping, dusting and purging your home, we are talkin’ about exfoliating, tightening and brightening.
Spring means color and new beginnings, so let’s get our groove on ladies and jump into Spring skincare 101.


First things first, cleansing.

Not only is everyone’s woman’s type different from one another but the transition from season to season can reek more havoc than static on Japanesed straightened hair.
So it’s best to start from the ground up: choose a cleanser that’s right for your skin.

  • Don’t choose a cleanser based on price or appearance, base it on the results of your skin.

Oh I know, I’ve done it too, ran out of a beloved product only to be at Walgreens and lured by another product’s claims and price.  The reality?  I end up with dingy skin, an extra few bucks in my wallet and feel obligated to finish off the bottle before I allow myself to spend more money and go back to my tried and true ways.  Don’t skimp ladies (and gentlemen if you are man enough to admit you are reading this).  We’ve only got the skin we were born with so take care of it.


With that being the perfect segue to our next step: moisturizer.

No matter the skin, we all need moisturizer.  I personally adore toner in between le cleanse and le moisturizer but it certainly isn’t necessary but probably more a luxury.

  • When choosing a moisturizer identify if your rosy cheeks prefer an emollient, cream or serum.

After all these years of slathering and tapping creams onto my mug, I’ve realized that said mug much prefers serum.


I have day eye-cream and night eye-cream.  I do not see a difference between either.

  • Two for one has never been better and I’ll admit, the wool covered my eyes, kaching.
  • But an eye-cream that tightens (albeit for only a while) and/or gives a lift to those smile lines is a keeper in my book.
  • Another unsolicited piece of advice: water.  The more water you drink the more it adds plump to your skin in the healthiest of ways.


Maintenance is the final step.  And what we mean by maintenance is: be consistent.

  • I exfoliate a la Clarisonic or a la a facial scrub once a week.  Any more for moi is too much and my skin revolts.

Favorite Product Resources

Beauty basics.  Who knew we were so wise.
Catch us next month.

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