3 More Fabulous Gifts for Father’s Day

3 More Fabulous Gifts for Father’s Day 2010!

We love the men in our lives, but shopping for them can be really tough!  I come from a family where if I ask my dad or husband what he would like as a gift, the predictable answers are “nothing at all,”  “dinner with the family” or when really pressed, “handkerchiefs!”

In an attempt to help you find a unique Father’s Day gift, here are three more fun and, I hope, unique suggestions:

Table Air Hockey

I bought this fun, space friendly air hockey table for my family this past Christmas!  Bring out the kid in your guy with this “toy” that offers all of the enjoyment of a full sized air hockey table without taking up lots of space! (Amazon*Tabletop Air Hockey, $79)

Like New Again T-Shirt

Is there a special, but shabby, T-shirt that dates back to high school or college years that your hubby can’t let go and you can’t stand?  Here’s the solution: transplant the logo and graphics from the original T to a fresh, new version!  Head to Reborn by Maggie!

Luxury Travel Blanket

Dad can travel in Coach and feel like he’s in First Class with this gorgeous, cashmere travel blanket!  The 100% Italian cashmere blanket is a warm taupe color and includes a carry pouch with handsome saddle design. (Malvern Saddlery Ltd., Cashmere Travel Set, $249.95)

Good luck with your Father’s Day Shopping and our very best wishes to fathers everywhere!

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Posted May 11, 2010, Updated May 26, 2012

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  1. Janice says:

    More great ideas! Thanks!

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