Top 10 Highlights for 2011

highlights 2012Busy Bee’s Top 10 Finds and Features of 2011!

What a fun task to look over the past year and remember the fabulous finds, trends and highlights that were unique to 2011!  Here are some of my favorites –

    1. Over the Top Ribbon Wreaths – these bright and unique wreaths just shout “party!”
    2. Bird Cage Chairs – picked out as a mini-decorating trend, these chairs have it all:  drama, style and comfort!
    3. Terrariums 101 on The 10! Show – I really got a kick out of teaching television talk show host Bill Henley how to assemble a terrarium on The 10! Show!
    4. Expert and Easy Entertaining Advice – this tip made its way to Busy Bee via Kevin Sharkey of Martha Stewart Living Magazine and is full of the advice we need to entertain without stress and even if you’re without talent!  Love this!
    5. Hostess Gifts for All Occasions: this was another one of my favorite articles – being a thoughtful gift giver is a true talent and I loved/wanted for my own, each and every suggestion!
    6. New Ways to Serve Hotdogs –  I don’t often admit how much I like hotdogs, but this article, which assembles hotdog recipes from the likes of Food and Wine magazine, makes hotdogs downright trendy!
    7. The Pantone Hotel –  for years, I’ve been following the color predictions of the Pantone Institute and find the selection process to be fascinating.  Even more interesting was discovering the Pantone Hotel in Brussels and taking Busy Bee readers on a virtual tour!
    8. A Circus Themed Birthday Party –  this was one of the new party plans added this year and I love the bright, colorful decorations and fun menu suggestions!
    9. The Right Signature for Your Email Messages:  I wrote this tip mostly because I had wondered myself about how best to sign off on email messages! Choosing a signature that conveys the right tone is almost an art!
    10. The Ideal Book Shelf – and last, but not least, I just adore this original piece of art that replicates a bookshelf filled with your favorite titles!

I guess that’s a wrap for 2011!  What a pleasure its been to share the random, whimsical, informative and trendy with all of you!

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