10 Tips for a Happy First Birthday Party

10 Tips for Hosting a Happy First Birthday Party!

A first birthday is such a special occasion!  For whatever party theme you choose, make the most of your celebration by keeping in mind some of these considerations!

    1. Plan for the Best Time of Day –  Identify your baby’s happiest time of day and work from there to plan the timing of the party.
    2. Decide on Guests – Decide if you would like to entertain children and family at the same time.  For both of my daughters’ birthdays, I hosted a small number of little friends in the morning with a sweet and simple party that lasted only for an hour or so.  Next was naptime and in the early afternoon, my family arrived for dinner and another round of festivities.
    3. Encourage High Chairs – Consider asking parents to “BYOH” – bring your own highchair.
    4. Practice Ahead – In the week prior to the party, practice singing “Happy Birthday” and blowing out a candle.
    5. Prepare Cameras – Charge any cameras you would like to use and purchase extra batteries.A
    6. Baby Proof – Double check to make sure that your home is baby proofed for your tiny guests.
    7. Prepare Age Appropriate Foods – Plan to have a separate buffet or dining table featuring age appropriate foods and snacks for the one-year-old crowd.
    8. Prepare for Little Guests – Stock some extra sippy cups and disposable bibs.
    9. Take a Professional Portrait – Have your baby’s portrait taken professionally prior to the party.  As part of your table décor, frame the birthday portrait and surround it with smaller framed photos from throughout the first year!  Other fun touches could include baby’s birth announcement and the party invitation.
    10. Know When to Call it Quits – Know when the party is over!  Even if your friends or family want to stay past baby’s bedtime, go ahead and put the tiny guest of honor to bed!

I loved celebrating my three children’s milestone first birthdays in a big way and definitely picked up some tips along the way.  I’d love to hear if you have additional tips to add to this list and what you’ve done to mark this big day!

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