10 Terrific Gifts for Mother’s Day

10 Terrific Gifts for Mother’s Day 2012!

The spring is such a special gift-giving month with moms, dads, grads and brides on your list.  Finding the perfect gift for the mothers and mother figures in your life is a fun and challenging task.  Here’s hoping that these gift suggestions will be just right for the women on your list!

Ladurée Silk Scarf

silk scarf

Ladurée is best known for its exquisite Parisian macaroons now available at a Madison Avenue shop in New York City.  If you can’t bring mom the actual dessert, this macaroon strewn silk scarf may be even better!

Vertical Cosmetic Tote

Vertical cosmetic tote mother's day gift two

This travel accessory by Cinda B. is unique because it features a vertical orientation with a weighted bottom that keeps the contents upright.  The bag won’t tip over on a flat surface and attractively contains full-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner and more.  A pretty variety of patterns is available.


“Catch Me Mom” Necklaces

We all know that our mothers are there to “catch” us when we fall and this unique, hand sculpted necklace will remind her of this every day!  Each necklace crafted by metal smiths John and Linda Whitney features a fearless mom, with your choice of up to two children (boys or girls) dangling from her arms!

Monogrammed Belt Buckle

monogrammed cwonder belt mother's day gift four

These classic, preppy belt buckles are a lovely personalized accessory and a very thoughtful gift.  The buckles retail for $28 and the reversible belt strap is $58.


Mother/Daughter Necklaces

Such a sweet idea, these necklaces are crafted of silver bronze and sold in a set of two:  one “mother” animal and one “baby.”  Choices include mommy and baby versions of bunnies, whales and monkeys.


The Prosperity Candle

Prosperity candle mother's day gift seven


This candle is a thoughtful gift that you can give to all of the mothers in your life.  Women who are trying to build lives for themselves and their children, following the effects of war, political unrest or natural disaster, produce the Prosperity candles and this is one gift that can actually change lives!


Stylish Jewelry Storage

jewelry storage mother's day gift six

Consider taking jewelry storage out of drawers and boxes and into a decorative wall unit.  From Home Decorator’s, this wall mounted, mirrored cabinet is an ideal spot to organize and store jewelry, while adding a chic element to bedroom décor!


Needlepoint Nook/Kindle Covers

needlepoint iPad cover mothers day gift eight

Talk about a fabulous gift at a fabulous price:  Land’s End is now offering beautiful needlepoint kindle/nook covers that not only look hand crafted, but can be monogrammed for a personal touch.


Kate Spade Beach Towel


A favorite designer of mine has added two fun beach towels to her summer line. One towel sports a blue/green-mod pattern and the other, a funky “Dive In” message in orange and turquoise.  Either of these will be a great addition to mom’s beach bag!


PJ’s by P-jamas


Another favorite of mine, these nightgowns and pajamas are made of such fine cotton that they are the perfect sleepwear!  Whatever style you choose, be prepared to have your mom hooked on these pjs as well!

My very best wishes for a wonderful day for you and all of the special women in your life on May 13th!

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  1. Brilliant gift ideas for Mother’s Day – unusual and quirky, thanks for sharing!

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