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  • Confetti System
  • Peacock Feathers
  • Tip of the Week

    Tip of the Week

    Retro Foods of the 60s

    A while ago, in Beauty Flashback, I wrote about a few of the beauty products from my teenaged years that I just couldn’t forget, and from the amazing responses that came from Busy Bee readers, apparently they hadn’t forgotten those products (and more) either! MORE

  • A Fun Cupcake Party!

    A Fun Cupcake Party!

    Fun Cupcake Party

    Cupcakes are so adorable that they are the perfect treat to inspire a fun and delicious cupcake party for girls of any age! Plan to carry the cupcake theme through the entire birthday party ... MORE

  • Fabulous Gift Wrapping

    Fabulous Gift Wrapping

    Fabulous Gift Wrapping

    We all want the gifts that we give to family and friends to reflect our personal style and to make the recipient feel special! And sometimes, it’s not the actual act of wrapping that’s the challenge... MORE